Friday, February 6, 2009

We're Home!

Well Kale finally got released from the hospital on Thursday he was sent home with orders to have a steroid for a few days, breathing treatments daily, and antibiotic for the next 10 days. We will continue to give his other meds as well. Hopefully he will start getting better each day. His appetite is starting to return little by little but being on so much medicine changes his taste's a little so foods he normally likes he doesn't want to eat right now. Kale is very worn out during the days he is sleeping most of the day and night, so hopefully his body will start healing! He is awake about 4-6 hours a day right now.

I'm not sure when he will go back to daycare but hopefully he will recover quickly. The Dr. said that RSV is something that kids can get over and over so I am hoping that he won't keep getting it as it goes through the daycare!

My mom drove down on Thursday to help Erin and I get a little rest from the long days and nights of taking care of everything. Erin has managed to stay well through everything so far but I was not so lucky! I finally got into the Dr. today and was given a prescription to help with the severe upper respiratory infection that I have. My mom had to leave early this morning because she was starting to feel ill. Upon getting home she figured out that she had the stomach virus that is going around! So looks like the family is in for another round of that. My dad and Erin's mom both came down with it on Sunday so I am sure it is only a matter of time before other family members do too!

Marisa has been sick as well she didn't have quite the same thing as Kale but she was very sick as well. She had the stomach virus this weekend then when Monica took her to the Dr. earlier this week she was told that Marisa also has Croup. Monica is feeling a little under the weather from being preg but so far nor her or Michael have come down with any other sicknesses!

Hopefully we will all start feeling better soon so that we can enjoy the wonderful weather we are having so far this month! Today at our house it is 73* I can't believe that it is this warm in February! But I am not complaining!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sick baby Kale

Well for those of you that don't already know, Kale was admitted to the hospital in Hutchinson on Monday. He was diagnosed with RSV at the time of his admittance. On Monday evening he was diagnosed with Pneumonia as well. They have been monitoring his oxygen levels and all his stats. He was hooked up to monitors and had an IV put in immediately to help keep him hydrated. He has not had much of an apatite at all this week. We got to cap off the the IV yesterday afternoon, they let us leave it out as long as we could keep him hydrated with formula, water, and pedilyte. So far we have been able to keep it out, except for when meds are needed. He was given a steroid and also an antibiotic to help attack the pneumonia. This morning when they were listening to his lungs they said that he was sounding better on the left but still wheezing and full on the right side. The Dr. wants to keep him again tonight because his oxygen levels are not high enough when he sleeps. Last night was the first time he had to be put on oxygen and he has had to use it quite a bit this morning. He will have to be off oxygen for at least 12 hours before we can go home. He will also have to get through night or a decent nap without dropping below an oxygen level of 92. Through everything Kale is being very good and tolerable of all the nurses and Dr.'s that have required things from him. He is staying happy and is not letting anything get him down!

Erin and I are lucky to both have jobs that are very understanding of us needing to be with Kale during this time. I stayed with him all day Monday and Erin spent the night with him. Then I stayed with him on Tuesday morning while Erin left for a bit to go home and get around. I went into work for a bit on Tuesday afternoon then stayed with him in the evening. Erin spent the night again with him so that I could get some good sleep at home in our bed. We are working it out so that we don't go crazy sitting in the room, and we are both trying our best not to get sick!

We have an appointment tomorrow with the baby Dr. it is just a check-up no sonogram until March. I will keep everyone updated on Kale and the rest of the family!

Dreiling Family Slide Show! Compiled December 2010