Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well Halloween is over and we are quickly trying to clean-up redecorate and get into birthday mode! Kale was a great Spiderman and Maks embraced his Hulk costume well. Grandma Dreiling came down and handed out candy at our house while we took the kids a few places during the late afternoon and evening. She had just as much fun as any of the kids handing out candy! Maks and Kale did fantastic all evening, Maks had figured out the candy things within only a few houses, and Kale said, "Trick or Treat and Thank You" at each house. We were very proud.

Erin and decided we would dress up as well. Neither of us really had an exact person we were trying to look like but just had fun with it. Erin wore an old blue tux that I found at the HCC Theatre Costume sale for $1! He ended up looking great and reminded many people of their wedding tuxes so many years ago! LOL! He was called John Travolta more than once! He claimed to be a disco dancer! I found a long black wig for very cheap and ended up wearing that with a black dress and just being a witch. Kale loved my hair, but I sure didn't once I realized how windy it was outside! The first place we took the boys was the Hutchinson Zoo. This picture is Spiderman (aka Kale playing on the spider web). While Trick or Treating at the zoo we not only got candy but also got to pet random animals along the way! The kids really enjoyed this!

The ghost that I made turned out to be great and people loved seeing it out on the porch with all the lights. The dry ice and fog machine just added to the effect! Next year we play to have him out again! We also downloaded some scary Halloween sounds to play over the speakers with the iPod it all came together very well. I think that Halloween is going to be a top holiday around our house in the next few years! Although next year I will time the decoration take down with the days that Erin will be home! Decorating was fun but undecorating.....not so much! O well! Totally worth it!

Well better get back to cleaning for Kale's birthday party tomorrow! It sure is a lot harder to get things clean when every other thing I put away is back out within minutes because Maks and Kale and following me around tearing up the house!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kale and Maks Halloween 2010

The boys in their Halloween shirts for the morning! Costume pictures to come!

So far they boys have gotten to go and Trick-or-treat at their dad's work and play around the house in their costumes. They are having a lot of fun being Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk together! Kale runs around yelling, "Come on Hulk, we have to save people" and Maks just follows behind him with no questions! It is really funny to watch them. We are planning to take them to a "Truck-0r-treat" this afternoon at the Law Enforcement Center then out to a few friends and families houses this evening and back home to hand out candy at our own house! We have decorated our house this year more than in the past. I guess Erin and I had more fun with it this year because they boys are old enough to understand and enjoy it all. This picture shows my ghost that I created out of cheese cloth, a wood frame (built by Erin) and lots of liquid starch! We also have a fog machine going but you can not see it in this picture. Today we decided that we should buy some dry ice as well! We will see what we can do with it!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well it has been a busy few weeks but here were are! I am done working in the Financial Aid office so next time I return to HCC for work I will only being teaching my ABE/GED classes. I am very excited!

We have been working to get our Halloween decorations out but it has been a long process since I was so busy working last week. We have finally gotten the inside decorations up and the porch finished.....well it was finished then I decided I wanted more. We are now in the process of building a ghost with Styrofoam and cheese cloth! Pictures to come!

Kale has been wearing his Buzz Lightyear costume all over the place....literally he even wore it to Ace Hardware the other day! When Erin was cleaning the other day he found Kale's first Halloween costume (Superman) and brought it up for Maks to wear....boy was that a mistake. Kale was not happy to share that costume!

Yesterday we went up to Grandma and Grandpa Dreiling's house to carve pumpkins and play with Marisa and Malea. They are both doing well and all the kids (including Grandma, Grandpa and myself) had fun carving the pumpkins. The littles didn't really get to into the carving they were more entertained by the basketballs!

Maks stayed home from daycare a few days last week with high fevers that we couldn't explain. Finally on Thursday night he started showing signed of a sore throat. We got him right into the Dr. and he was diagnosed with a virus called Hand Foot and Mouth....except he only had the mouth part! They gave him some meds to help and they did. With in one day he was already starting to act more like himself.

Yesterday Kale came to us and told us that he had something in his mouth. We were not sure if he was starting to get the same virus as Maks had but when we looked in his mouth we found that he had a tooth size tissue growth on his gums! It always seems to be something! So I will be calling the dentist tomorrow to see what they say about it! Since yesterday it has popped and reduced in size but I still want to have it looked at.

The Chiefs game is on now so better get back to cheering for them! Still undefeated....Can they continue? Chief's Will!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It was very windy!
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Kale and Mom

Kale and I putting on the fire with the small hose!
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Maks and Kale sat on the front of the firetruck and watched the Helicoptor take off. They had a great time at the Fire Fighter Training Facility's open house today! Maks was pointing at the Helicoptor to make sure we saw it and didn't miss anything!
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's almost October!!!

Wow this month has flown by! I can't believe it is almost October! I have been saying for 2 weeks it's time to get out the fall/Halloween decorations but not one has made it to my walls!

I've been staying busy this week. On the 23rd I applied for a new job on campus. I was actually offered it the same day! I decided to accept the job and starting on the 27th I have been working both. The position that I accepted is the instructor of Adult Basic Education/GED here at HCC. It is a part-time position. My new hours will be Monday-Thursday 12:30-4:30 PM and on Monday-Wednesday nights form 5:30-9:30 PM. I will be teaching Math 1 and Language Arts 1. In the past two nights that I have been training I have already been very happy with my deicision to change job pathes. It is a new and exciting path for me and I can't wait to see what the future will bring. I know that many people dont' understand the change but I am happy with my deicision.

Kale has been doing great as usually at school. He was having a small problem with spitting at kids but seems to be doing better now. After he figured out that his teachers were telling us about it he straightend up real quit! ;) He is learning more and more everyday. He loves to sing and is always looking for letters in his everyday life. He finds them in places that we would never think! On the tile of bathroom floors, drains, walls, trees (circles or "o's", or "L's" on crooked branches).

Kale and Maks are very loving brothers as well. They love spending time together and like to include each other at home when they read or play games. Every morning they like to give each other a hug and a kiss before going their separate ways to school.

Maks is still going to Miss Debbie's for daycare and seems to be loving it! She is fantastic at working with him and teaching him new things. He is going to be talking up a strom in no time. He is trying to say more and more words everyday. He is also learning to dance and sing (scream) at daycare! :) Maks is still our little eater he is never full. I can't figure out anything to keep him fed! He can eat anytime day or night!

This past weekend Erin and I had Corporate Cup. He was the captain of his Dillon's team and I was on the Board and also a member on our HCC team. It sure kept us busy for the weekend. Events started on Friday and went through Sunday. We were in events such as Dodgeball, Raft Relay, Swim, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Horseshoes, Obstacle Course, Football Relay, and Tug-of-War. After the long weekend we were both very worn out and sore! My battle wounds from hours and hours of Volleyball are fading and Erin is recoving from his events. He suprised everyone with his ability to run very fast sprints in his football relay. He didn't shine however in the raft relay! ;) That was a funny event for his team! Tug seemed to be HCC's worst event. When they blew the horn for us to get started only half our team was holding onto the rope! We all went flying it was pretty ugly! As a member of the board I was incharge of all of the scoring and it was a huge repsonsiblity! They old scoring system wasn't working correctly so I had to improvise on the spot, it all turned out ok but it was stressful at the time!

Kale and Maks got to spend a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa during the weekend. They had fun playing and coming to some of the events. Kale had a funny moment when Erin told him they were going to go and watch horseshoes....Kale has never seem them before so he was excited to see the horses put on their shoes so they could run fast! LOL!

Well not much else right now! XOXO

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Kansas State Fair

Well today is the last day of the Kansas State Fair. I can't say I am too upset about that cause it seems every year that place gets more and more expensive! It is kinda nice to have somewhere so close to be able to go and walk around and let the kids see something new but we are suckers for the terribly unhealthy food and random items that we could probably live without! O well it's only 10 days a year!

Kale was in the HutchNews today. He got his picture taken while he was eating a Pronto Pup (aka a corn dog) and watching the pigs. I am trying to find the link to the online edition but haven't been successful yet so as soon as I do I will post the link.

We got up this morning and went down the big yellow slide with both boys. It is a lot of fun but it is sure tiring climbing all those stairs while carrying the boys!

Lastnight we ran into a few friends and Kale got to ride rides with his friend Kayla. They are the same age and have a lot of fun together. I will also post those pictures soon. We took Maks on the carousel lastnight with the big kids but he wasn't quite as thrilled with it as they were! Luckily I was close to the bench so he let me go and sit down with him to finish out the ride!

We got a few Christmas presents out of the way at the fair this year also! I am just hoping I can keep track of the items for the next few months! ;)

Well hopefully I can get some extra cleaning down around the house today and then get out my Halloween decorations out! I can't believe that Halloween is right around the corner! We are not sure what the boys are going to be yet this year. We were hoping that we could find them costumes to be Buzz Lightyear (Kale) and Woody (Maks) but Kale isn't sure that is what he wants to be....actually Kale is very sure that he wants to be a Firetruck Driver! He was a fire man last year so we were hoping he was going to buy into the Buzz and Woody costumes however it is not looking like that is going to workout! Only time will tell! s

Well better get back to cleaning the house! If I get it done then I will get pictures uploaded as soon as possible!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bumble Bee

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Dreiling Family!

Not the best picture of us all but here we are all in one picture! It was very hott and we were all ready to get in the car and go home! September 2010
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Kale feeding the ducks

Kale took a moment out of his busy day to allow me to take a picture! We were at the Nature Center feeding the ducks! September 2010
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This is Marisa at Dillon Nature Center September 2010
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Kale September 2010

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Kale at KS State Fair

Kale kept begging us to let him ride the horses so here he is on his first pony ride! He was having a great time telling the house to "giddy up" and pretending to use his lasso!
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Maks Dreiling

Maks at Dillon Nature Center September 2010
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fair, Fun, and Finals

Well, I am finally done with school! WHOO HOOO! On September 11th, 2010 I presented my paper and submitted my final copy! I am very happy to be done and not have to stress about it anymore! Not sure where it will take me but now I have met the requirements for my MBA from Friends University.

Starting on September 10th, the Kansas State Fair is in town. We went for a few min on the first night because Kale saw it and wanted to go really bad. He loves the fair! Grandma Dreiling bought him some new boots (she got Maks a pair also). So on Monday when we went the boys wore their cowboy outfits to match their cousins Marisa and Malea. Kale got a new cowboy hat and lasso at the fair. He is quite the little cowboy!Here is a picture of Kale posing outside of the stand he got his cowboy hat at. Inside they had county music playing and Kale was dancing around like a cowboy. He loved it! His jeans are even true Wranglers!

Erin is still up in the air about his job, we are trying to stay positive but it is very difficult to go for so long without having an answer. Hopefully, he will hear something soon!

Maks is growing up so fast! He is really keeping us on our feet! Maks is more of a climber that Kale ever was! He also loves to unplug everything he can find. We always end up searching for a cell phone charges because he unplugs them and run away, and forget about trying to vacuum when he is around! He wasn't talking much but in the past few weeks he has started to talk much more. It seems as soon as Kale started at his new preschool and Maks was alone at daycare he just bloomed. He is now saying close to 10 words. Today he said Baby for the first time. We love watching him grow, learn and interact with his big brother!

Well gotta get back to work around the house! Pictures and videos to come soon!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer's almost over!

Well you may have thought that I fell off the face of the earth but I'M BACK! A lot has gone on since my last post in May! I fully intend to fill you in on the past few months.....but not right now! For now I will fill you in on the current happenings in our life.

In the past week Kale started Pre-School. He is loving it! He goes full-time 5 days a week and asks to go back every evening when we get home! He has met many new friends and loves his teachers.

Maks is still with Ms Debbie. We really like her and she does such a great job with the kids! She is very educational and teaches them something new each day!

Erin is still working with Dillon's however his job has up in the air due to the corporate restructure that Dillon's is currently going through. He will continue to have a job however at this point we are still not 100% sure what it is.

I am still working in the Financial Aid office at HCC. I am about to finish my paper for my Masters and can't wait to see what the future holds for me!

Well we are heading out to run some errands for now so I am going to go, but I promise to fill you in on the last few months soon, and get some new added! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This past week has been very busy for me at work! I am glad the work is picking up though, it makes my days go a lot faster!

Erin has been staying busy with work as well. He has be traveling a little to nearby cities but no major out of town travel lately. He is still enjoying his job and his co-workers! For those of you that heard he did apply for a job in Cincinnati recently, however, he was not offered the position.

Yesterday Kale was sent home from daycare with a fever, we were hoping he wasn't catching something that would keep him down all weekend. Today he seemed to be doing much better. His fever came back this morning but he was good as new with a dose of Tylenol. He didn't want any more medicine this afternoon and his fever didn't seem to come back so hopefully he will stay well!

Today was the Grand Re-Opening of Prairie Hills Nursery so we went there to look around and eat lunch. Erin is currently trying to sign them up as Amsoil Dealers so they can sell the AgGrand in the Nursery (and possibly use it) so we thought it would be nice to go their celebration today. Kale really like the trees, flowers, and the fountain of course!

This afternoon we spent most of the day outside in the yard. We pulled weeds, planted tomatoes and peppers in our garden, and also tore out an old fence and replaced it with a new one on the west side of the garage. It looks much better now! I will try and remember to get a picture posted!

The neighbors were outside with us today for part of the time as well. Kale enjoys playing with them and they enjoy coming over and playing on our swing set as well. The favorite thing that Kale likes to do right now is jump on the trampoline with the kids. Here is a clip of his (more wrestling with Bryson than jumping but still cute)!

This evening we were going to take Kale with Bryson, Brody, Emily, Jon, Steph and Mike to Jumpin' Jays here in town and let them play on the inflatable toys but of course the one night we choose to go there they closed early! So Kale and I decided to go to the park and hang out for a little while by ourselves. He had a great time playing and climbing on all the toys!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grandma Swanson's 80th Birthday

This weekend we drove to Topeka to see my parents, sister (and her family) but also to go to Grandma Swanson's 80th Birthday party. It was a great time, many of her closet friends and family were able to make it to the celebration! Here are a few pictures!This is the water pump that I used to pump water from when I was a kid! We couldn't get water out of it this time, but it really worked when I used to be his age! :)

Great Grandma Swanson (left), her friend (right), Uncle Larry (right).

Linda giving lessons to Kale!
The kids playing soccer.

Dreiling Family Slide Show! Compiled December 2010