Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life as we know it!

Well things are going well around our house! Kale is doing well he is crawling all over the place and enjoying his freedom to crawl! We often leave him in the living room to play and turn around to find him gone, he loves to hide behind the chairs or crawl around the corner! We also have to be careful to not let him get into the dog dishes. He has only tried to eat the food once but has dumped out the water bowl numerous times to bang on the floor! :)

We have also been enjoying the lovely evenings outside. Kale played with Erin mowed the other night. Grandma Smith bought him a stand up play box. It has one side for water and the other for sand. We don't actually have any sand it in yet but Kale loves the side with the water! He spends more time splashing in that than playing with the little toys! However, as you can see he loves to pick up the castle and throw it around!

Erin is keeping busy at work catching the bad guys! He received another Gold Star this week for his efforts with the company! The Gold Star is a great award given from his boss along with other corporate employees! This is his second award in only a few months!

I am staying VERY busy at work right now with school starting up next week! Kids love to wait until the last minute and that sends them flooding into our office! I have two employees that work underneath me, one full time and one part time. The full time employee was gone a few days this week and will be gone for two months starting on Monday so that is really keeping me super busy, trying to pick up the slack! Voicemail is impossible to get called back and emails just flood in. On Tuesday I called back 40 voice mails in two hours! Only to finish to find 60 more! Its a never end loop!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Living Stairs

Here are a few pictures of the front room! I will add more pictures of the basement later!

Sitting on the couch looking North

Standing in the hallway looking east, dining room table on the right couch on the left.

Looking south from the front door.


wooo hooo We have lights! Last night Erin's dad came over to help him finish up the lights in the basement! They got everything done....with a little help from Kale! As you can see in the pictures Erin and Kale like to watch Grandpa do the work!! Kale is very good at paying attention to all the noises and sounds the guys make while working!

Tonight Erin is going to be out playing pool with the guys so Kale and I are going to get to work around the basement trying to touch up the trim and fix all the little blemishes the carpet layers made when they stretched the carpet out! So maybe tonight I will get the pics of the basement taken and posted for everyone!

In the last picture here you can see our new lights above Erin's head! There are 3 of these and then 1 round light above the area where the poker table will be. Kale had his work'n pants on while down in the basement and they were constantly falling off. So in this pic Erin is trying to pull his pants back up so he could crawl around again!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Household Update

Well things are going well around the house. We have the carpet complete, the furniture in and the lights are almost done in the basement! Last night Erin got the TV hooked back up in the living room and the furniture moved around where it will stay. It is being able to unpack so we can find things again!! Kale loves to play in our storage containers! As you can see here he has fun peeking over the top to see what is going on!

Kale is just crawling all over the place now! He has a lot of fun moving around and getting into things. He is always willing to help when he can get over to you! That past few nights he has been more irritable than usual we assume he is starting to teeth a little bit. Hopefully it will be a quick process if that is what it is!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Well the carpet layers finished up our floors yesterday! Woo Hoooo! We are very happy to have all of our carpet in, but now we have to go back and touch up all the little blemishes that the carpet stretcher made on the trim! O well!

We also didn't take into consideration the smell the carpet would have! Yuck! So we will be staying at Erin's parents house for a few days while the house airs out. The carpet guys said Kale should not crawl on the new carpet either for at least a short amount of time. The furniture will be delivered on Monday so hopefully by then we can be back home and getting things in order!

Hopefully we will uncover the computer at home soon and I can get some pictures uploaded! Until then I will keep updating things from work!

Dreiling Family Slide Show! Compiled December 2010