Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day at G-ma/pa Dreiling's House

Today we took the boys up to Grandma and Grandpa Dreiling's house to color eggs with Marisa and Malea. Grandma bought 10 dozen eggs and hard boiled them before the kids got to the house. She had stamps, makers and paint for the kids to decorate the eggs however they wanted. Kale and Marisa had a great time coloring themselves and the eggs! Maks decided about 1/2 way through that it looked fun, so he crawled right over and started helping! He got quite a kick out of the eggs!

When the kids were done they got to run around and play with all the new outdoor toys that they got. Marisa and Malea got a new wagon. So they had a great time being pulled up and down the driveway by Monica and Uncle Erin. Kale got a new Spiderman helmet and scooter. We decided it was time to buy him his own, since every day when we come home he runs next doors and steals the neighbors! :) Luckily they leave it out for us to play with!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Maks first haircut

We took the boys in for hair cuts yesterday. We had been trying to grow Kale's hair out so we could see how curly it would be, but we broke down and decided it was time to cut it! We didn't like the horrible bed head he would have every morning!
At the same time we got Maks hair cut as well. It was his first haircut! He did surprisingly well! He sat with Erin the entire time!

Here is Maks afterwards! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Parent's day out!

Erin surprised me with a nice day out this weekend. Between school, work and life I have been very stressed out lately. Erin noticed and decided that we would take the boys to Grandma's house and just relax and spend the day together. We had a lot of fun together and it was really nice to just relax. We first went to the Underground Salt Museum. We live right here in town with it, but have never been down in it until now! I recommend it to everyone! It is a great place to go and visit, something that is unlike anything else you will ever see. Going down you take a elevator down 650' feet into the ground! You wear hardhats and a breathing machine in case of an accident! The tour lasts over an hour, and then you have the option to take a "dark tram tour". We took the tram as well after wards it is very interesting to see. After the tour we went to eat lunch at Jillian's here in town. It was really GOOD! It was nice to get out of the house for a little while, and spend time with Erin alone. After our afternoon we went and picked up the kids and spent the rest of the evening together as a family.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is COMING!

Well it has been longer since my last post than I had hoped but life has been crazy around our house the last few weeks. Just when I thought we may get out of winter with out any more major sickness! Maks got tubes in his ears on the 1st of March. Soon after the surgery he began to cough, at first we thought it was just the extra drainage coming from his ears, but soon realized it was lasting longer than expected. We ended up taking him back into the Dr. this past Tuesday, although it was not RSV she suspected it may become it if he didn't start to get better soon. The Dr. put him on a round of Steroids but since he has only began to get worse. He is currently back in the Dr.'s office with Erin, I just got a call back and Maks has a sinus infection, so they have given him a antibiotic, so hopefully he will be feeling better soon!

Along with Maks being sick, Kale also came down with the stomach flu. He seems to be doing better now but isn't quite 100% yet. Hopefully by the end of weekend he will be back up and running at full speed!

Not to mention both boys were sick, Erin was also out of town. Erin was called by Kroger to come and interview for a position in Cincinnati. It has been quite an experience for both him and I! They called him a few weeks ago and asked him to come out and interview for the position but he couldn't fly right out because he wanted to be in town for Maks surgery, then they wanted to wait and additional week to save a little on airfare. He flew out Sunday afternoon, and back home late Monday night. His interview went well and now we are just waiting on their decision. It has been quite a learning experience for us to consider moving our family that far away. We had no idea of all the variables that we need to consider, and maybe we are still missing a few!! We will keep everyone updated as soon as or if an offer is made.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Well a lot as been going on since my last post. We have had quite a bit of daycare drama. We have had a wonderful experience with the Hutchinson High School daycare that the boys have been going to however with the new increased pressure that the director has been under at the daycare the hours were just not working out well for us. We decided that it would be best to find a daycare that would allow us to pick up the boys anytime before 5:30. I found a new facility in town that was going to allow us until 6 PM to pick up the boys and they seemed like they were going to be a great fit for us with their activities and staff. WRONG! We took the boys the first day and decided that it was not going to be good for us or them. They stayed for just under 6 hours before I pulled them out and we will NEVER go back. As a parent you know what is good for you and your children and we really didn't get that vibe from these people. We are very thankful that we have grandparents that are able to help us out when we make decisions like this one. The boys stayed with Grandma's for the rest of the week while Erin and I scrambled to find our boys new daycare. We found a person that had an opening and we thought it was going to work out great. However, she ended up backing out on us the Saturday before their first week! It was a stressful mess to find ourselves in again for the second week in a row! We really were not feeling good about splitting up the boys but we were just sure we were going to have to because of the lack of daycare's that met our standards, and also had an opening for each age group. Through an amazing amount of luck we seemed to have stumbled upon an amazing provider that had an opening for Kale immediately and a drop in spot available for Maks right now and a permanent e spot for his starting up in just a month! The other great thing is that although she is an in-home daycare she has subs which allows her to be open all year round and also in the event of illness!! And they are much closer to our house than some of the other locations that we looked at.

Along with the stress of finding new childcare, Maks got tubes today. He had really been having lots of problems with the fluid on his ears and was just miserable. Each time we would put him on antibiotics he would get better for a short period of time and then start to get fussy again. We met with Dr. Epp who has just been wonderful for us. He was very level headed when he spoke to us and was very pleasing to the boys (I had to take Kale with me due to lack of daycare :) ). Maks was first on the schedule this morning so we had to be in at 6 AM. Starting at midnight last night Maks couldn't eat anything either. So we woke him right before and let him eat. Since his ears had been bothering him he woke at 4:30 and was not going to go back to bed! It sure made for a early morning! Kale was quite the little entertainer for his brother during the waiting period before the surgery. He had packed his book bag of stuff and was showing it all to Maks and keeping him happy. Up until the moment of the surgery Maks stayed happy and content with us. He was very good. Kale was actually upset when the nurse came to take his brother away even though Maks couldn't have cared less! The procedure took less than 20 min and we were back with him. We made it back home before 8 AM. Erin stayed home with the boys today and they both seem to be doing just fine. Hopefully, this will help Maks and prevent future infections! We will just see with time.

Well I need to get somethings around for the boys to start their new daycare, or "school" as Kale calls it, tomorrow. So I guess since everyone is asleep and Erin is at racquetball now would be a good time to start!

Dreiling Family Slide Show! Compiled December 2010