Saturday, September 27, 2008


Short post today but just wanted to let everyone know that Kale has his first two teeth. We found them this morning when Kale started chewing on Erin's nose! :) They are not the typical first teeth though, they are on the top and they are not the front two teeth they are the ones beside them! So I will try and get pics but at this point he won't let us get a pic!

Halloween is coming up so Erin and I thought he would make cute vampire with those teeth showing!! More updates to come!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

State Fair, Friends, and Fun

Well this week has sure been a soggy one! We didn't get near the rain that our close neighbors Wichita got but it rained off and on all week. The weather has sure been funny lately! It has been unseasonable cool the last few weeks. Kales is running out of clothes! We had to go and buy a few new pairs of pants and long sleeve shirts since he didn't have any in the correct size!

We have been to the State Fair a few times since its beginning. Kale really enjoys watching the animals and crazy people! We plan to go again tomorrow and walk around since it is the last day.

Mindy, Lacey, and Cathy came down today (my college roommates) and we spent the day together! We had a lot of fun today catching up on old times! Mindy works in Radiology at the Newton Hospital and is loving it there. Cathy is working at the Bank in Lindsborg, and Lacey is still working at the bank in Manhattan. Everyone is doing well and enjoyed spending a little time catching up! So until next time!

Friday, September 5, 2008

State Fair

Erin and I both took vacation days today to enjoy spending sometime together! We started the morning out right.....with a great breakfast! We went to Yoder and ate at the Carriage Crossing restaurant with Judy, Larry, Shirley, and Don. We had a great time and were very happy to get the chance to see them before they left town. (Sorry I forgot my camera though for the first time in my life, so no pic's)

After that we took Kale to daycare for a few hours while Erin and I worked the HCC booth at the State Fair. We had a lot of fun talking and meeting with the people interested in the college. (This is something that I do each year and really enjoy doing! It gives me the chance to be out of the office for a while also!)

After our shift was over we went and got Kale from the daycare and went back to the fair. We walked around for a few hours going through the buildings and most of the outdoor exhibits also. Erin and I enjoyed many of the wonderfully fattening foods of the fair, and Kale really seemed to enjoy walking around and watching all the people!

Dreiling Family Slide Show! Compiled December 2010