Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Movie!

Here is a funny little clip I finally got uploaded! Kale loves to bounce in his excosaucer! Here is a short movie of it! You can also hear his scream!!!

Video of Kale Crawling

Check out this video of Kale learning to crawl! Erin and I are still learning not to talk when we are using the camcorder! Sorry! :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yesterday was the start of HutchFest 2008 however, today was the car show that Erin attended to help promote his Amsoil sales. He cleaned up the Pilot and loaded it up with all his products and materials. He arrived about 3 PM, and started speaking with people. Amsoil is Erin's at-home business that he is starting to work with. My dad has sold Amsoil for over 30years now and has gotten Erin interseted. It started out as a Synthetic Oil line, but now has evolved into vehicle oils and lubricants, car accessories, organic fertilizers, and even vitamins. It is a great business that has alot of great products.....check them out at .

Well anyway today was a great day for a car show but it sure was hot! Kale and I walked around for a few hours and checked everything out! Along with the car show there were rides, games and even a petting zoo! The petting zoo was his favorite part.....(even though I wouldn't let him touch the animals)! Afterwards we went back and sat with dad at the truck for a while. We ran into Marisa (Kale's cousin) who was walking around with Monica (her mom, Erin's sister) and Michael (her dad). All in all, we had a great time, but we had to come home and take a nap cause it was getting really hot!

Tomorrow, we are planning on going swimming so hopefully we will get more pictures up!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Fun!

Well summer is going well for us this year. We are having alot of fun spending time outside! Kale really enjoys the water and playing out side. Lastnight, we took Kale to the Salt City Splash (the public pool here in Hutchinson). After a long day at work for Erin and I, we decided it would be a nice way to relax for th evening! So off to the pool we went! Kale and Erin had a great time swiming in the big pool and watching all the other crazy kids splashing around. We have to watch him though cause Kale likes to try and drink the water! He is really good at kicking around when on his stomach, but he is not a fan of being on his back yet! He always trying to sit back up, he likes to see what is infront and all around him. By the time we were done swimming he was worn out and ready for bed! He laid around on the lounge chairs while we got his stuff together! It was a fun and exciting 40 minutes for him!

Here is a short video of Kale playing in the water fountains!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well this week we have had alot going on at our house. We are done with our portion of the basement and now the Drywall guys are there getting the walls hung. It is a big and messy project we are finding! While they are working in the basement we have had the air conditionar off to help keep the dust in the basement and not upstairs! Uhhhggg it really makes it hot and sticky upstairs though! While working in the basement I stepped on a nail and it went through the sole of my shoe and into the bottom of my foot. So, on Monday I had to go into the doctor and get a tetnis shot. Ouch! So now not only does my foot hurt, but my arm does too! Guess that is what I get for not watching where I walk! We hope to begin painting this weekend, but the drywall guys decided not to show up today so we are not sure the room will be ready for paint this weekend.

We have alot going on this month as far as birthdays and other personal events. Evan had a birthday on the 10th, along with Chastity. Chastity is my cousin who lives in Arkansas. She just had a new baby girl on the 2nd of this month, welcome Brooklynn Nicole Gillin! She is just beautiful. The 13th is my moms birthday, then the 15th is my sisters. My brother-in law also had a birthday this month. Then, of course, we have fathers day! Kale is very excited to celebrate that with his father, being it is their first one! The 17th of this month is my in-laws anniversary. So with all the presents and cards we are sending, the post office is loving us! Hopefully, if we are not painting, Erin, Kale and I will head down to Winfield to celebrate all the birthdays and Father's day with everyone.

Kale is doing well, still trying to get over his cough. He is really getting big and is ready to crawl any day now. He is great at getting up on his arms, but is still working on getting his knees underneath him. Right now, he is great at crawling backwards! So I am sure we are not far off! Still no teeth yet, but that is alright!

We got word from all our friends in Manhatten that they are all safe from the monsterous tornado the other day! Also spoke with my college roommate's family and found out their home in Chapman was spared from all the damage. They were very lucky. Hopefully these storms will start dying off soon and the threat for severe weather will end!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

We had a great weekend, and productive too! Friday evening we worked on the yard a bit then hung out inside! Saturday, Erin took the rest of the carpet and paneling to the dump, so the basement is officially cleaned out and ready for new drywall! The water proofers started Saturday also, and will hopefully finish up today. That leaves Erin responsible for the electrical work before we can get the drywall hung. I finished up with a project on the east side of the house, I finally got my trellis painted and my rose bushes pulled over to it. I also pulled a lot of weeds and got my flower bed ready for the new wall. However, I ran into a slight speed bump when I found out the rock that I wanted to put around my flower bed was not being sold any longer! So now I have a flower bed with flowers and nice dirt but no border!

Also on Sunday we had a great time as a family in the pool! We put it up a few weeks ago in hopes it would start getting warm. It seems to be getting there but the humidity doesn't warm it as much as those hot sunny days! Kale got in for about 20 to 30 min but was ready for a nap! He really likes to splash in the water, but he is not a big fan of putting his belly in. As long as you hold him with the water at only waist level under he was fine! He seemed to be more interested in playing with his bath tub toys than taking pictures as you can see! But all in all we had a great time!!

Dreiling Family Slide Show! Compiled December 2010