Thursday, August 7, 2008


wooo hooo We have lights! Last night Erin's dad came over to help him finish up the lights in the basement! They got everything done....with a little help from Kale! As you can see in the pictures Erin and Kale like to watch Grandpa do the work!! Kale is very good at paying attention to all the noises and sounds the guys make while working!

Tonight Erin is going to be out playing pool with the guys so Kale and I are going to get to work around the basement trying to touch up the trim and fix all the little blemishes the carpet layers made when they stretched the carpet out! So maybe tonight I will get the pics of the basement taken and posted for everyone!

In the last picture here you can see our new lights above Erin's head! There are 3 of these and then 1 round light above the area where the poker table will be. Kale had his work'n pants on while down in the basement and they were constantly falling off. So in this pic Erin is trying to pull his pants back up so he could crawl around again!

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KevTam said...

Were your lights hung by licensed electricians? lol Can't wait to see all the pictures. Tam

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