Friday, January 23, 2009

Life as we know it!

Well one of these days I really will keep up with my posting on a regular basis! A lot has been going on lately but none of it is to exciting! I had another Dr's appointment for the baby a few weeks ago. She didn't do any sonograms at this appointment but said everything was looking good and we would get one in a month or two. I have been very sick with this one. A lot of morning sickness.....even though I am not sure it should be called "morning" sickness since mine seems to last all day long! I had been trying to get through it without having to take any medicine for it however I broke down this week and called in to tell her I couldn't handle it anymore! It was getting to hard to control at work and it is very awkward to be in the middle of helping a student and have to run to the back room!!! They just don't get it! On top of that I have gotten a sinus infection as well. So my head has been hurting all week! Today I am starting to feel a little better so hopefully it is almost gone!

Last night I sat down and uploaded a bunch of pictures of the camera to place on our family page but it still is not done yet! I had hoped to get them on here tonight however, I have to meet with my group from school to tie up a few lose ends on a project that is due tomorrow! So maybe by the end of the weekend I will get them on here! School is going well we are in our second class now, Business Research Methods. The teacher seems like he will be interesting but it is kinda a dry topic!

Erin has been keeping busy at work installing new camera's, setting up new systems for the pharmacy's and ordering new theft prevention items. He really enjoys his work and the people in his office. His Amsoil business has also been picking up a little in the past few weeks. He is starting to sign up more and more dealers under him. So hopefully that will bring us some new business partners in the near future and help Erin expand his business!

And most importantly Kale! He is doing great, he seems to have avoided most of the sicknesses so far this winter.......knock on wood! He has been teething a lot this past week or two. He know has 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom (matching with his cousin, Marisa)! Hopefully the rest come in soon cause they are really causing him some pain. He is walking and talking faster and loader each day! He loves the outdoors and is constantly standing at the door yelling "outside" "outside" he does not ever want to be in the house! He is starting to say small sentences such as, "dog go outside", "I want that", or "What's that". It is a lot of fun to learn along with him because he seems to have invented his own little language! Along with talking he knows some simple sign language. His daycare is really great at teaching him and he has learned many new signs such as, "eat", "more", "thank you", and "poop (his newest accomplishment)". He really picks up on things very quickly! Kale is also very into reading right now. He loves to get the books of his shelf himself and bring the books to Erin and I to read. He won't let you pick the books anymore, we only read what Kale wants! He is even learning to put the books back on the shelf!

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