Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odd's and End's

Well not a lot exciting has happened this past week. We have been staying busy around the house though with Erin's crazy work schedule. He has been traveling a lot the past few weeks to do some training on new technology the stores are receiving. So it leaves Kale and home alone a few nights a week. Last week he was in Garden City for a few days. A few weeks ago he was in Omaha, NE then came back for a bit and had more work to do in Wichita.

Thursday was Erin's last day of work before his week of vacation. Although vacation isn't quite as fun when everyone doesn't get to take it! Erin is traveling to Superior, WI for a training seminar on his Amsoil business. Kale and I are staying behind for this one. Kale was sad when he saw that dad was going buh bye without him, and so was I to be honest! Erin is driving up to Topeka tonight to stay with my parents before going to KC in the morning for a 10 AM flight. He will be in Superior until Thursday.

Kale spent the day today with Grandma and Grandpa Dreiling while Erin went to a car show with his Amsoil set-up and I had to go to school all day. Kale seemed to have a great time. He got to see his cousin Marisa and play with Aunt Monica part of the day as well! I hear there were some cute pictures, but I haven't seen them yet! Once I get them I will hopefully get them uploaded!

School is going well for me. I got my last grade back and my perfect 4.0 GPA for all my Master's classes continues! I am proud of that! The class that we are currently in is Marketing Management. It is a difficult class but pretty interesting most of the time. I finish up this class on June 13th. Then on to Accounting! I am extremely nervous for Accounting though....and for two reasons. 1. I hate Accounting! It is something that has never come easy to me! 2. Because at some point during this class I will have the baby! That isn't going to help me out much if I happen to have the baby at a time that will make me miss a class! Yikes! Guess we will just do the best we can and see how it goes!

Kale has gone to bed for the night already so I am just up doing some quite things around the house right now. I am planning to head to bed early tonight also in hopes that I can get a good nights sleep since Erin wont' be here to wake up with Kale!

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