Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little bit of everything

Well I have been keeping very busy these past few weeks! Last weekend we had a garage sale to get rid of all extra stuff! It was a success we got rid of tons of stuff, but still need to create more space! Kale had a great time during the garage sale, the neighbors also had one so he got to play with all the kids in the driveway the entire day!

Kale has been playing with the neighbor kids more and more. Last weekend they decided to go to the zoo and take Kale along. He had a great time and was really worn out by the time they got home!

The Kansas State Fair started this week, it is bringing in lots of trucks and tractors which are Kale's favorite! We have gone each day so far, he really enjoys walking around, and so to Erin and I. Maks just seems to sleep through it! During the fair the helicopters give tours of the town and they seem to have a flight path that goes right over our house! Kale loves to yell and wave at them EVERY time they fly over!

Yesterday also marked the first Hutchinson Community College Football game. Kale loves his Dragons! He had a great time yelling at the team telling them when to throw and kick the football!

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