Saturday, May 21, 2011

Little bit of Spring

Wow, it is hard to believe that Kale's first season of soccer is almost over! Today is his last game! He has loved playing and done a great job! His team mates started dwindling down about halfway through the season and that made it a little bit harder cause his friends weren't there but hopefully next season he will want to play again and he can be on a team that is a little more dedicated! Watching Kale play soccer has taught Erin and I a lot about ourselves, we learned we are very competitive parents! Watching the other parents we see that many of them do not push their kids to act independently or play as a team, we hope that our pushing never becomes over the top but that we will push our kids to play on the field with confidence and also respect to the others on the team!

The next sport Kale has signed up to play is T-Ball! This is much more up my alley than soccer! I was thrilled to get him out there with is glove! Kale was just excited to have a "real" metal bat and a cool team shirt! (For those of you that didn't attend a soccer game Kale hated his team shirt because in his words it was too big and too ugly! He had a pregame meltdown about 3 weeks in a row and after that he still complained but wore it anyways). So when he was handed his grey XS baseball t-shirt with the cool orange logo he was trilled, and so was mom and dad!

Maks has been a great brother this spring with all of Kale's sports. At first he didn't understand that he was not allowed to play but now he is getting the hang of it! Although he still wants to go play with brother and the team he now sits on the side in his chair (Toy Story 3 chair to be exact) and cheers on his big bro like a champ! Because of his birthday Maks won't be able to start sports next year but will have to wait until the summer he will be 3 :(

Yesterday was Kale's school program! He was very happy to get his certificate of completion from Pre-School. Due to Kale starting preschool at 2.5 he will attend for 3 years! He still loves school very much and does a wonderful job. We have seen him grow before our eyes, his teachers all just ranted about his personality in class and manorisms towards the other classmates. We are very proud of him! Next year he will have one of the same teachers and one new one. We figure if he is going to attend for 3 years we should change it up a little each year!

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