Sunday, July 31, 2011

The boys and I at the Hudson City park celebrating my 27th birthday. After being good for lunch we let them play for a little while. It is a very nice park for such as small town. It was terribly hot out there but the kids don't seem to mind. For lunch we ate at the Wheatland Cafe. It's a very small little cafe in the middle of town. They serve fresh pan fried chicken breaded with Hudson floor! It is amazing they even have real mashed potatoes! I was very happy that my parents finally got to go there with us! It has been a great birthday after lunch we came back to town and had a Chocolate Texas Sheet cake and opened my presents. I got a new wind chime for outdoors from my parents that is shaped like a lighthouse and sounds like one also. Then after they left and everyone got naps in we went and spent some of my birthday money on a few new pairs of shoes and a dress for work. Now it's time to relax and find some dinners and get ready for work tomorrow! It's the first day of school for my students!
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