Thursday, January 24, 2013

HCC Basketball

 The boys have really taken to basketball this season.  Maks is playing very well with his team and really doing well at dribbling, still working on shooting (the goal is still just a little too high for him). Kale is mainly there to socialize but he still plays hard. Also this season the boys have become good friends with AJ Spencer.  AJ is a basketball player at the College.  He came out an started talking to the boys after one of the HCC games one night and as they were talking the boys told him that they play basketball as well.  AJ promised to attend their games, and well he did! We were so happy that he kept his promise to the boys and actually he hasn't missed a game since. Kale and Maks love AJ and count down every week until the day they can watch him or that he can watch them!
AJ and Kale with Malea cheering them on. 
Maks didn't want any help (can you imagine) so he showed AJ how he could shoot himself

AJ in action

AJ picking up Kale after their win. Kale and Maks run to the sidelines as soon as each game ends to hopefully catch a high five or quick hug before AJ heads to the locker room.

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