Monday, February 4, 2013


Tonight Erin and I had the girls while Monica and Michael went to a dinner meeting.  Having all four kids at once used to be a nothing short of a circus now's a more well orchestrated circus!  Actually, scratch that, it's more like a crazy dance party and who doesn't love a dance party!

Here is one of the first dance pictures of the evening. Kale and Marisa dancing....Maks eating, surprise, surprise! (Malea was helping me take pictures)

To start the night the girls wanted to eat and the boys wanted to play.  After about five whole minutes the boys had decided they were hungry too, but the girls decided playing was a better option! In the end we ended up ordering pizza and compromising to eat then play again afterwards.

After dinner it was decided that we would have a dance show and presentation of a song (words of Marisa).  So Marisa sat and wrote a new song to perform.  It took her a while to come and out and sing for us but after she got over her "stress" (again her words not mine) she put on quite a show!

After the song came the dance portion of our evening.  I honestly think that each year, we should get the kids together and play a song and video tape it while they dance. For now I am sure they would love it, when they are teens maybe not so much but who cares, as parents I'm sure we would still love it!  Note to self:  Pull out old videos of the kids dancing and let them watch while secretly reminiscing about their younger days!

The kids throughout the evening were so much fun to watch.  They are all developing such different personalities and it's a lot of fun to watch them interact! Kale is the oldest.  He is the most social of the group. Kale has never met a stranger and never been afraid to speak to anyone or put on a show for them.  Marisa is next in line.  She is very proper and caring.  Marisa never wants anyone to be sad or upset, no matter what is going on.  She is always there to take care of her sister or give the boys advice.  Maks is the wild one for sure.  He is always wanting to race someone, play catch with the tennis ball, throw the football or dribble his basketball.  He's our little sports boy and if it is not sports it is wrestling someone!! Malea may be the youngest of the group but it sure doesn't mean she is the baby. She is very independent, she is just fine playing off on her own or inventing new games for everyone to play.  She loves using my camera to take fun pictures or dancing to any song that comes on the radio.

Here are a few pictures to show the kids and their personalities:

Maks and Kale trying to scare Marisa while Malea sits back and watches.

For this reason alone I would love the kids to all go to the same school! Talent shows would be so much fun if the kids would do a dance together!  They have so much fun doing them!  Left: during the dance Right: End of dance pose

This proves their generation will always be the tech-savvy ones!  Kale decided they all needed a picture and he insisted on doing it himself!

Had I uploaded the photos on that camera I would've posted the pictures that he got.  He is really fairly good at the self photos!

I wanted a few photos of them all together on the couch. So here is how it started. Maks took a toy from Malea. Malea got mad/sad so she started crying. Marisa came over to take care of her.

Once Malea was happy the photo shoot resumed.  
These are the scary faces.

 These are the Ninja, Action Figure Dance poses.

 Now Malea said she was done but the other three were not. This is just a true personality shot!

 Cousin Love!

Next it was movie time 100 and Dalmatians was the movie of choice (really 101 Dalmatians but they can't remember that name for some reason).  They all wanted blankets and to sit together! 
It was so peaceful, for a few minutes! 

Another photo, different angle! 

All in all we had a great time.  We did a little drawing, dancing, singing and even watched a bit of a movie.  The kids are really starting to be fun together. They listen....well most of the time they listen and they enjoy playing with each other.  It sure doesn't make me want to have four kids anytime soon but I love the times we get to all hang out together.

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