Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family cheerleaders

Marisa and Malea are the fan favorite cheerleaders at all the HCC basketball games (even if they wear jayhawk outfits)! They are really outgoing and have lots of fun cheering for the Blue Dragons. After the games we go down on the court ti wait for AJ and the girls go running right for the Dragon Dolls! Here is a photo of the two of them posing for me tonight after our big win against Seward.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Maks and the Chiropractor

For the past two years Maks has woken up at least once every few nights screaming that his legs hurt. Some nights are worse than others but we just never knew what we could do to fix it.  After x-rays, blood work and numerous conversations with the Dr. we just weren't finding anything.  If he woke up and we gave him Tylenol or Ibuprofen he did go back to sleep but we did not like having to give him medicine on a daily basis.  

After literally years of listening to Maks complain we finally decided to try a new method of treatment.  We took him to see a chiropractor.  After visit with Dr. Lackey and deciding what we thought had happened Maks got a lower back and hip adjustment.  After just one visit Maks had completely stopped complaining.
Maks did so well at the appointment I believe he actually fell asleep.   We are happy he finally got some relief. 

While there we talked to Dr. Lackey about the bumps he has on his face. He gave him some things that he thinks will help.  Maks now takes Arnica tablets, Cod Liver Oil, and a probiotic.  Yup that is right, Maks takes Cod Liver Oil and loves it. He takes it daily and even reminds us when he needs to take it. His face is starting to clear up very quickly, we are really happy with our decision to see the chiropractor and so is he!  

HCC Basketball

 The boys have really taken to basketball this season.  Maks is playing very well with his team and really doing well at dribbling, still working on shooting (the goal is still just a little too high for him). Kale is mainly there to socialize but he still plays hard. Also this season the boys have become good friends with AJ Spencer.  AJ is a basketball player at the College.  He came out an started talking to the boys after one of the HCC games one night and as they were talking the boys told him that they play basketball as well.  AJ promised to attend their games, and well he did! We were so happy that he kept his promise to the boys and actually he hasn't missed a game since. Kale and Maks love AJ and count down every week until the day they can watch him or that he can watch them!
AJ and Kale with Malea cheering them on. 
Maks didn't want any help (can you imagine) so he showed AJ how he could shoot himself

AJ in action

AJ picking up Kale after their win. Kale and Maks run to the sidelines as soon as each game ends to hopefully catch a high five or quick hug before AJ heads to the locker room.

Dreiling Family Slide Show! Compiled December 2010