Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring planting done.....well seeds started!

Last year I planted seeds for the first time and the garden turned out great. We started them because Maks was so into seeds.  Well this year not much has changed but we did do a few things different this time around!!

Last year I knew I planted the seeds too late but it still worked out.  We just didn't plan on doing it until Maks became so interested in growing things. So this year I made a mental note to get them started sooner.  Last year they were started on March 24th and this year on February 23rd. So hopefully that will give them a head start!

Also, last year we lost a few of our Black Krim plants.  After calling the Extension Office we figured out they are very sensitive to dirt temp and soil dampness. So I purchased a heat map (click the word "heat" to see the link to the exact model I purchased). 

Here are the packages of seeds we used! The Petunia's will be a shot in the dark! The package says 'packaged for 2006' so we will see if they still grown!!  I am excited to see the poppies too! They look so pretty! The neighbor behind us has some red ones that she has probably had for many years and I just love them every year when I see them, figured I would try my hand.  I bought those seeds last year and they are past their date too so I guess I will see how lucky I am!!  The foxglove was one that Maks had to have one day when we were in Lowes!

All of my tomatoes were ordered from Gurneys.  This is the site I have had great luck with in the past so I just stuck with them this year.  I do have other seeds from them (different tomato varieties and some peppers) to plant but I found many of my trays to be broken so I need to get to the store before I can do anything with them.

I plan to use the Aggrand on them but I haven't fertilized them yet. I will do that as soon as the initial watering has dried. While inside I will mix it at about 1/4 strength...maybe less depending on what I use.  I hope to keep you updated.
Here is a picture of the stuff so far. In between the first two is Kale's fly eating plant...that's really the extent of his gardening interests at this point!  In between the 2nd and 3rd are the shoots of Aloe that Nicole gave us last summer.  We have perked them up and separated them...they were just getting a little extra light today. 

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