Sunday, October 26, 2008

3rd Weekend of October

The weekend has been a good one! Friday evening Kale went up to Grandma and Grandpa Dreilings house to pay with Marisa and carve pumpkins. The went to the store and picked out some good ones to take home. Each of the kids got to pick out two pumpkins. Then back at the house Grandma had bought some fun toys for the kids to play with, they were toys shaped like the Mr. Potato Head cut outs. The stuck into the pumpkins to make faces with out the mess of carving!

Saturday and Sunday Erin worked at his Swap Meet at the Fairgrounds. The Swap meet had lots of vendors and car people selling all types of car related items. Some of the vendors had old car parts, or even cars to sell. Others had improvement items for the vehicles. Erin set up his Amsoil booth to meet people and talk with them about using the products. He meet some great contacts and even signed up a few new accounts. My dad came down for a few hours today to help him out and talk with a few people about the products as well! Sorry for no pics but I kept forgetting to take the camera when Kale and I went to visit the booth!

Today is Erin's dad's b-day! Happy Birthday! We didn't get to do anything today but plan to have a dinner later in the week to celebrate!

Today is also my parents anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Dad came down to Hutch to help Erin out with the booth but Mom was not able to come due to being sick! Not much of an anniversary for them today, but maybe when she starts feeling better!

We are busy trying to think of things to do for Kale's 1st Birthday party! It has come so quickly! I have the invitations done but that is about it! Not sure on a theme yet but probably going to be super hero's or cars! I will let you know when we figure it out!

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