Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Last Few Weeks

Well in the last few weeks we have been staying busy! So for the delay in reporting!!

Kale is growing up so fast! We are starting to plan his 1st birthday party we didn't expect it to come so quickly! He is walking now, farther and farther each day! I have a few videos but our computer has been acting up so as soon as I get them uploaded I will be sure to post them.

We went to the zoo for the first time a few weeks ago, Kale had a lot of fun checking out all the animals and feeding the fish and ducks in the pond. We tried to teach him the names of the animals but he just kept pointing to them and saying, "dog", o well close enough!

Last weekend we got to go back to Topeka to see my family for a while. We had alot of fun staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house! They have fun playing with him outside, although this time we forgot the bug spray and he got a lot of bug bites! Oops! Kale also got to see Great Grandma Smith, and Great Grandma Swanson, along with 2nd cousins, Sheri and Allen, and Great Uncle Larry. We had a great time although we wish we could have spent more time up there!

I took Kale on a little photo shot around Hutchinson about 2 weeks ago and got some really great pics! Most of them were taken at Carey Park but a few were taken at an old train station south of Main Street. I will be posting them soon also!

We have finally picked out a Halloween costume for him, we won't tell you want it is yet, but we will say that it has no feet or hat!! Those didn't seem to work out!

This weekend we stayed in town. Starting yesterday the roofers came and tore off our old roof and started putting the new shingles up. The were here bright and early this morning but got the entire house reroofed by noon! It looks great and we are happy to have it done finally!

This evening we went to a 25th Wedding Anniversary party for Debra and Alex Lizalde (Erin's Sisters Mother- and Father-in-law) It was a lot of fun and they had GREAT food! We had a lot of fun watching all the little kids play together! Kale was very worn out after a few hours so we decided to come home early. Well that is about all for now I will try and most more often in the future!

Love, Erin Steph and Kale!

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