Friday, November 7, 2008


Wow, can you belive that Kale is a year old today!!! Time has just flown by! He is sure ready to celebrate! I had his presents wrapped up all week for his party on Sunday, but since he wasn't bothering them I just left them out in the living room. WELL, lastnight he figured out how fun it was to unwrap things! He got back there and started tearing into them! Here is a picture of him acting innocent! Sorry it is not a great pic but I took it with my cell phone!

It is a bitter sweet day for the daycare today. He is celebrating his birthday by having a party at 2 PM however that means it is his last day in room one. They are very sad to be losing him, but room two is very excited to be getting him! He is going to have a special treat and ballons! He was very excited this morning when he saw the balloon!
There are a few pictures of Kale this morning with Erin and I before going to school. He was giving me a kiss in one of them! He is so loving! Kale gets his style from his father as you can see! Erin loves to dress him in the morning to match what he will be wearing! They are so cute together!

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