Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not much

Not many new things going on in our world right now. Erin is gone for a few days for work so Kale and I are just hanging out by outselves! Kale is staying well even though everyone around him seems to be getting sick. Aunt Monica has now come down with the flu, yuck! The kids at daycare don't seem to have the flu stuff yet but the respiritory stuff seems to be going around. Kale is now in his new room and enjoying all the new big kids.....except for the one that bites! Kale got bit on the face his first day in the room however he seems to have recovered fully :) Owies seem to be drawn to Kale his is a little bit of a klutz! Yesterday he full head first into the wall and have a huge bruise on his forhead! I am sure there are more bruises and bumbs to come though!

I have started back to school now so I am trying to stay ontop of my work! The first class is not real exciting, it is kinda like being a freshman again our teacher treats us like we have never been in school before! O well it will be over soon then on to the next class!

Thanksgiving is coming up and we will be on the road alot. We are going to try and get up to Frankfort for lunch on Thanksgiving day. We really wanted to see both sides of the family however it is just not possible when they both eat at the same time, and are on different sides of the state! Maybe for Christmas we can see the other side!

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