Friday, March 27, 2009

About time for an update!

Well life has been busy in our world! We have been enjoying the nice weather the last few weeks and spending time outside. (that is until the drastic weather change!) My last post was in February and it seemed at the time like we were just swamped with things to do but now as I look back and try to write about it, I can't think of a thing!

One thing we did have to deal with was Kale being sick. He seemed to catch about everything going through daycare these few months. He ended up with RSV, pneumonia, ear infections, flu you name it he caught it....except the chicken pox which we gladly escaped! He seems to be doing well now having a few problems with allergies but we can handle those!

Kale is getting new teeth as well! He now has 6 (working on 8) on the top and 3 on the bottom. Hopefully they will come quickly and be painless! ;)

One major thing that we did in our house (in March) was redoing our bathroom. We had a few guys come in and completely gut out the bathroom down to the studs (even tore down the ceiling, and tore up the floor) and started over. It was a long and eventful process, I'm not sure the guys that we hired will ever come back and work in our house! Every time they thought they would be through the toughest part something else went wrong! That's what you get for living in an old house though! In the end the bathroom turned out great. I am glad we got it done before the baby comes. I will upload pictures there are a few things that still need to be finished but Erin is going to do them so no telling how long it will be!!!

Our house also got new windows in March. They were much needed! We needed to get them installed because our old windows felt like they were open at all times the wind just sailed right through them. They also were full of lead paint so it was good to get them out of the house with the kids. Luckily we got them in before the big snow storm. It really paid off. It was amazing how much warmer our house became!

Another big event in March was Kale's first haircut!! It was much needed. I tried to see how long we could get his hair, I wanted to see the curls, but people started asking if he was a boy or girl so I had to cut it! We took him into the salon that Erin and I go to. Kale was not thrilled with the process!

Here are a few pictures from the day! The one where he has his shoe in his hand is just funny to me. At one point he got so upset he kicked off his shoe! As you can see Erin and I both took turns holding onto him because he would jump back and forth thinking the other person would save him! The picture where he is grabbing his coat is after he got done telling Chelsea (our hair cut lady) "OK Goodbye''...he was ready to go! The only part of the entire thing he liked was the electric clipper part...not sure if he liked the noise or feel but he was calm so I didn't care! The last pictures shows Kale in his car seat afterwards! As you can see he wasn't giving us his happy face!

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