Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weather is amazing!

I can't believe we were outside playing in Kale's new sand box and outdoor play equipment just last weekend, and this weekend we have between 16''-18'' of snow on the ground!! Kansas is crazy!!! The snow drifted up against everything and we had drifts that were 3' to 4' deep!! It would have been great snowball fight now but Kale wasn't quite up to that yet! It was so deep that he could not walk without falling over.
Skeeter and Harley didn't know what to do! Skeeter would venture out but we had to knock down a path for Harley! He just wasn't as thrilled with the snow! Erin started shoveling the driveway and gave up. He got the sidewalks cleaned off (shortly before the neighbor came buy with the snow blower!!! ha ha I had to laugh). We didn't go anywhere during the weekend because....well we couldn't! But the very next day the temperature rose into the 50's and almost all the snow was gone. Within 2 days all our snow had melted completely!

Kale got out his sled and played for a bit but Erin had a hard time pulling him fast because the snow was so deep he could barely walk himself! Kale didn't understand why he couldn't go faster! Wish we would have had some hills!

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