Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Update!

Well things have been going well with the baby. I am currently 26 weeks and 5 days along. I have finally been able to escape the morning sickness! I have been feeling pretty well but am starting to grow quickly!! I have been going to Physical Therapy once a week because of some bone and muscle pain it seems to be better but the Dr. wants me to continue working with PT for another few weeks to ensure I don't put on weight and feel worse. We go in for another sonogram on the 20th. At our last sonogram the Dr. checked for the Renal problems that Kale has been diagnosed with but there were no signs at that point!! She was very hopefully that we wouldn't find anything at the upcoming sono but still wanted to make sure we checked. I am feeling ALOT of kicking now. The baby is very active. It is amazing the differences in the two pregnancy's, we still haven't found out if it is a boy or girl (and won't), but I just keep thinking it has to be a girl since I have felt so different!

I will keep you updated as we have more appointments!

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