Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter turned out to be a great holiday for Kale. He really enjoyed the concept of finding and pick up eggs (or balls as he calls them). His Easter week started out with an Easter Egg hunt at Daycare on Wednesday. All the kids got a basket and to go outside and find eggs. Erin was out of town and didn't get to go but I did and it was a great time. I took hundreds of pictures! He was so thrilled to run around and pick up the eggs "balls" he even held his own basket the entire time! I didn't think he would want to leave my side if he saw me while the eggs were out but boy was I wrong! Kale couldn't have cared less that I was there. He was so excited!

After hunting eggs at the daycare they played outside for a bit and the parents were aloud to stay and play as well. Most of the parents played with their kids but of course Kale was to independent and wanted to play on his own so I just sat on the side and took pictures!

On Friday we left Hutchinson and headed for Topeka for the weekend. Kale did great in the car and was very happy when we finally arrived in Topeka. Grandma and Grandpa were ready to play as soon as we arrived! We had a fun time playing with the eggs and toys that Grandma had gotten for Kale. Saturday we spent the day around town. We really wanted to get Kale to some other Easter Egg hunts but our luck was not the greatest! We kept missing the times or arriving on the wrong days! So we ended up at the park instead! In Topeka there is a carousel at Gage Park. I thought it would be fun to take Kale for a ride........wrong! Kale hate Carrousel's! He thought the horses were really neat when they were not moving, but when they started moving he was not going to be any part! Erin was on the ride with him and ended up holding him the entire ride! Afterwards he liked the horses again but just wanted to watch from a distance! Next we headed over to ride the train. This ride went a little smoother but got a little chilly towards the end! We headed home to eat and nap after .....Kale ended up sleeping for about 3 hours and slept right though the last hope of an Easter Egg hunt we had in town. So we just ended up throwing the eggs in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard and letting him pick those up!

Sunday we got to see Great Grandma Smith, we went to lunch with her and played around in her room for a while before heading back to Hutchinson. The long car ride home seemed to be worse on mom then Kale. He slept a good portion but once he woke up he was very good. He read some books and drew a few pictures, then looked out the window for a while. He is just a great traveler! Thank goodness!

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