Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All is well!

Well I have finally been able to stop taking medicine for my neck after 5.5 weeks! I am feeling much better and am happy to be back to normal!

Maks is growing like crazy, he weighs about 10 lbs now! We are sure that Maks is going to out weigh Kale very quickly! At 6 weeks Maks is 10 lbs and at 21 months Kale is only 24.5 lbs!!! Maks is holding his head up better and better each day and is really a noise maker!!

Kale is loving his new brother and does great with him still! Kale loves to give Maks kisses and hold him each night before bed! Erin and I are very lucky to have Kale be so great with Maks! He is hardly ever jealous of him and never is rough around him! Hopefully when Maks gets bigger and starts playing with Kales toys he will still feel the same way!

Kale has been having a great summer spending the days at a different daycare. He loves the daycare and we are sad that this will be his last week with Cris and her family! Kale loves Grandma Dorthey and Lacey. He is always talking about Mark and his motorcycle as well! We will have to go back and visit regularly! Since school is back in session Kale will start back to the school daycare on Monday.

We finally got Maks room done this past week. We had the walls redone and new floors laid. They turned out great and we are happy to have them done! Now we just have to move the boys stuff from room to room. We decided at the last minute to move Kale into the new room and give Maks Kales old room. I made new curtains for both rooms (with a little help from Jan) they came out great in Maks room, they are made with cut up receiving blankets that we bought at the store. I also made one curtain for Kales new Elmo room. They curtain came out great but I am not sure about the pattern! I may make more for his room!

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