Friday, August 21, 2009

Wonderful Weather

The weather sure has been amazing this past few days! The highs have been in the low 80's during the days and low's in the 60s at night! Kale loves to play outside and go for walks in the evenings after playing outside all day at daycare! Maks doesn't! I try and take Maks for walks but he hates to be in his car seat or the stroller! Walks become more trouble than they are worth when I have Maks, I end up carrying him most of the way and pushing an empty stroller! Hopefully that will change soon so we can get out and enjoy the weather! He loves the outdoors though, we sat on the swing for quite a while last night and watched Kale play and today while I was at an appointment he sat on the swing with Daddy for an hour!

Yesterday we took Kale back to the daycare that he will be starting again on Monday. He was a little shy at first but as soon as he remembered where he was he was very excited to run around and play. We had to go by and visit Becky to say goodbye before she leaves and takes a new job in Abilene. She will sure be missed!

These last few nights have been big for Kale, he got a new room and a new bed!! He was very excited to sleep in his new bed even though we haven't gotten an actual bed for him yet! So I put the sheets and blankets on the mattress and just laid it on the floor in his room. His dad slept with his the first night in the bed!

After Erin got up in the morning to start getting ready Kale continued to sleep. When I went in to get him up this is how I found his sleeping. He has his head on the bed but is kneeling on the floor. He has his eyes open here talking to me but he was sleeping when I went in! Not sure how the kid gets any sleep he moves around so much! We are going to get his a rail for the side once we get the bed up!

After getting up in the morning I made him make the bed! He did a good job making it but soon after this picture was taken he decided he didn't like the med 'made' so he pulled the blanket off and threw it down in a pile on the end of the bed! This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago but I just couldn't resist putting it up here! Kale was so tired one night and didn't want to go to bed so we were letting him play and next thing you know we look over and he had fallen asleep on his airplane!!

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