Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy weekend

This past weekend was a very busy one for us. We decided to go to the KSU game with my dad in Manhattan. So Friday after work we loaded up the car and headed for Topeka. The trip up wasn't terrible but we figured out that Maks is not a fan of the car when it is dark! We had to drive part of the way with the light on inside the car so that he wasn't scared!! Once he fell asleep we turned it off! Kale was excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and just couldn't wait to be in Topeka.

Saturday we left for the game around 9:30 AM. Erin, dad and I all went, while mom stayed home with Kale and Maks. Grandma had fun with the boys, they kept her busy! Kale really likes to help take care of his brother though so she a great helper! The KSU game didn't turn out quite how we wanted but we had a good time anyways! We got to see some friends and even Erin's boss and his son at the game. After the game we headed back to Topeka and went out to dinner at Taco Casa!! YUM YUM! We met Rock and Zach (Erin's boss and son) there, they had never been so we decided to share our love for the cheese with them!

After dinner we ran home and quickly changed and headed out to TPAC (Topeka Performing Arts Center) for Riverdance. Erin was not sure he would enjoy the show but turns out it was a lot more entertaining than he expected! The show was great, the dancers have such talent! I can't imagine how much practice it takes to be so perfect when dancing in large groups like that! Our show ended at 10:15 and we were both so tired we headed back to mom and dad's house and went straight to bed!!

Sunday we woke up and got around slowly. We decided to go and visit the Grand Opening of the newest Dillon's store in Topeka. Erin's dad and many co-workers were at the store so Kale got to see his other Grandpa and family friends while we were there! The store went all out for this opening. They had a marching band playing in the lobby, what seemed like thousands of samples in each department, the Keebler Elf was walking around, and even a dolphin ice sculpture! Kale enjoyed the new store, Maks was pooped before we were even a quarter of the way through it!

All in all we had a great weekend, but it was sure busy looking back! The next few weekends are all booked up as well! Saturday I need to be in 3 places at once and still am not sure how I am going to manage! I have class plus 2 weddings that I want to attend. Well guess I will just have to figure it out!! Cause one wedding is in Manhattan and the other hear so no way to balance!

Well better sign out for now but watch for pictures to come soon!

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