Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Update!

Well to say the least I am way behind on my posting! It seems every time I say I am going to sit down and update things I find a way to become side tracked.

October was a busy month for us. We all ended up becoming sick and have just been getting off our meds and feeling back up to par. Kale was treated for H1N1 although he never got tested for it. Erin ended up sick (which is never good cause he is the one in the family that always seems to stay healthy), and then I was next! We thought Maks would make it with out getting sick but he didn't. He is still finishing up his Rx but seems to be doing a lot better.

Halloween was great fun but very busy. Kale was a fireman and Maks was a monkey. Kale had a blast running around in his costume with his Axe and his fire extinguisher. We went to a few houses for trick-or-treating then ended up going to the HCC football game in the evening. Their costumes were great for the cool weather! They both stayed plenty warm!

The weather so far has been fantastic! The trees were beautiful when the leaves began to turn, they have since fallen off but now we get to have fun raking up the leaves and jumping in them!

Erin and I got to have a grown up date night on Tuesday. He bought me tickets to go and see the musical Wicked. The play was in Wichita at Century 2. It was really great to spend sometime together just the two of us. We also really enjoyed the show! Hopefully we can start making date night a more regular occurrence!

Kale's birthday is coming up this weekend! It is crazy to think he is already 2 years old! He is having a fireman themed party! It is going to be a close family party but he will have alot of fun playing with all his cousins! I had great hopes of getting his invitations made but I waited to long and now they are just simple! I made them on the computer and think they are fine but they are not exactly what I had planned! I'm sure the party will be just as great with out them!!
(sorry after posting the invitation I just saw that you can't read the writing! So here is what it says below the firetruck! Lights and sirens right on cue, can you believe Kale is turning 2!)

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