Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ohhh my it was cold out there this morning!!! I was listening to the radio this morning while I was getting around and the weather man said I should start my car extra early, he was sure right! It was so cold this morning! Kale was all bundled up in his coat this morning and I threw Maks under a blanket to get to the car! It was one of those mornings though cause when I got to daycare and took Maks inside I realized he only had one shoe on! Oops! It's probably in the driveway somewhere!

Erin wasn't home when we were getting ready this morning he was already half way to Manhattan when we were waking up. He had a meeting to be at by 7:30 AM so he was out of the house by 5 AM!

While I was getting Kale dressed this morning he said a cute thing to me. He looked down at my outfit (a long black skirt, dress boots, and a purple sweater) and said to me, "ooohhhh momma you have a dress on like a princess."! I couldn't help but smile!! He is sweet when he wants to be!!

Well there is really NOTHING going on at work right now, it is a very slow time, but we all know it is the calm before the storm! We will be swamped here in a few weeks when we start processing applications for the new year, but until then we sit and twiddle our thumbs! It is kinda nice to have a little break though, gives me a little extra time to work on homework!

School is going well. ONLY 3 more classes until I am officially done!! We just finished up Managerial Economics, yuck! I am very glad to be finished with that class. Next is Strategic Management, International Business, and I actually don't even remember what our last class is! I have started work on my final project but I have a LONG way to go before I can turn it in!

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