Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kale and Maks Halloween 2010

The boys in their Halloween shirts for the morning! Costume pictures to come!

So far they boys have gotten to go and Trick-or-treat at their dad's work and play around the house in their costumes. They are having a lot of fun being Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk together! Kale runs around yelling, "Come on Hulk, we have to save people" and Maks just follows behind him with no questions! It is really funny to watch them. We are planning to take them to a "Truck-0r-treat" this afternoon at the Law Enforcement Center then out to a few friends and families houses this evening and back home to hand out candy at our own house! We have decorated our house this year more than in the past. I guess Erin and I had more fun with it this year because they boys are old enough to understand and enjoy it all. This picture shows my ghost that I created out of cheese cloth, a wood frame (built by Erin) and lots of liquid starch! We also have a fog machine going but you can not see it in this picture. Today we decided that we should buy some dry ice as well! We will see what we can do with it!
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