Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well Halloween is over and we are quickly trying to clean-up redecorate and get into birthday mode! Kale was a great Spiderman and Maks embraced his Hulk costume well. Grandma Dreiling came down and handed out candy at our house while we took the kids a few places during the late afternoon and evening. She had just as much fun as any of the kids handing out candy! Maks and Kale did fantastic all evening, Maks had figured out the candy things within only a few houses, and Kale said, "Trick or Treat and Thank You" at each house. We were very proud.

Erin and decided we would dress up as well. Neither of us really had an exact person we were trying to look like but just had fun with it. Erin wore an old blue tux that I found at the HCC Theatre Costume sale for $1! He ended up looking great and reminded many people of their wedding tuxes so many years ago! LOL! He was called John Travolta more than once! He claimed to be a disco dancer! I found a long black wig for very cheap and ended up wearing that with a black dress and just being a witch. Kale loved my hair, but I sure didn't once I realized how windy it was outside! The first place we took the boys was the Hutchinson Zoo. This picture is Spiderman (aka Kale playing on the spider web). While Trick or Treating at the zoo we not only got candy but also got to pet random animals along the way! The kids really enjoyed this!

The ghost that I made turned out to be great and people loved seeing it out on the porch with all the lights. The dry ice and fog machine just added to the effect! Next year we play to have him out again! We also downloaded some scary Halloween sounds to play over the speakers with the iPod it all came together very well. I think that Halloween is going to be a top holiday around our house in the next few years! Although next year I will time the decoration take down with the days that Erin will be home! Decorating was fun but undecorating.....not so much! O well! Totally worth it!

Well better get back to cleaning for Kale's birthday party tomorrow! It sure is a lot harder to get things clean when every other thing I put away is back out within minutes because Maks and Kale and following me around tearing up the house!

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