Thursday, February 18, 2010

LONG week!

Well I'm exhausted! It has been a long week and it is not near over for me yet.

Tuesday I stayed home with Maks. I took him to the Dr. and he has lots of fluid on left ear, it is not a full blown ear infection but they are treating him for it so that it doesn't get worse. The Dr. has been watching his left ear for about 4 months now. The fluid has not cleared up yet and continues to get thicker. She is going to treat him now and then recommend that we take him to the ENT next week to see what they thought about tubes in his ears. He is not eating well and has quite a cough to go along with it the ear infection. We are doing breathing treatments with him (Maks) just to help keep it from settling in his lungs. Last night he finally got a good nights sleep so hopefully he will start perking up soon.

Kale starting coughing earlier in the week but hadn't slowed down or had any other symptoms. We started his breathing treatments on Tuesday but not more than once or twice a day. We knew he was coughing more but thought we were going to get lucky and he would make it through without getting to sick! WRONG! Yesterday (Wednesday) the daycare called us at 4:30 pm to tell us he had a fever of 102.6! We went to get him and you could tell he was not feeling well at all. He came home and laid around with us all evening then went to bed. We kept giving him Tylenol and lots of fluids. He woke up about 12:30 AM with another fever of over 102. He crawled into bed with us and laid for the rest of the night sleeping on and off but really not feeling well. His fever continued to break with the Tylenol but as soon as it would wear off the fever kept coming back and it was hitting 102 or higher each time.

I called first thing this morning to get him into the Dr. (of course Thursday is his regular Dr's day off) we got in at 9 with the on-call Dr. (his name is Dr. Miller) he was FANTASTIC Kale really liked him and so did I. I had the nurse check is Oxygen levels while we were there cause I knew they would be low, we found they were low but not low enough to admit him (which is what I was hoping for). Dr. Miller said that his ears looked great and there wasn't alot of drainage (from his nose) so he feared pneumonia. We went and got X-Rays. Kale is not a big fan of these due to his experience and memories of the VCUG's in KC that we have to get on a regular basis. So after alot of screaming we finally got the x-rays complete. .......cute side we were leaving Radiology and walking down the hall I was carrying my purse, Kale's jacket, and his cup in one hand and holding his hand with my other. Kale was still whimpering as we left but after we got a little way down the hall he stopped me and looked up and said, "No mommy we gotta go back, you forgot your purse". I couldn't help but laugh because he was worried about me but I assured him that I did have it he just couldn't see it from where he was standing! (His dad has taught him to take care of me well)......ok back to the Dr. visit.....

We got back down to peds were we saw Dr. Miller again. He showed me the x-rays and sure enough Kale is now being treated for pneumonia. He was given a few meds and is still on Breathing treatments. So far the fevers are still coming back but hopefully with lots of sleep and a few doses of meds by tomorrow morning he will be getting back to normal again.

Through all of this he is still staying very caring and loving towards the family. He has been worried about where Maks is at all day and has been trying to take care of mom as well. He is sleeping on the couch beside me right now. I am really impressed with his desire to continue potty training right now as well. He stayed dry all night last night and even during the Dr.'s visit this morning he told me when he had to go and had no accidents. Even when his father and I would let his slack he is staying determined! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of diapers!!!

I will continue to keep everyone updated but I am sure that we will start to see the old Kale (and Maks) back again very soon! I am home with Kale today and Erin will stay home with him tomorrow. Now we are just hoping we can get the boys healthy again soon without allowing ourselves to get run down and sick! Wish us luck!

Ohhh and I start a new class on Saturday and have to work my one Sunday a year this weekend as well! Go figure it would all come in the same week! And for those of you who didn't already hear yesterday when I was leaving for work I backed into our neighbors really hasn't been my week! I think I will opt out of gambling or buying lotto tickets this week, my luck has sure run out! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines with Grandma and Grandpa Smith

On the 14th Grandma and Grandpa Smith drove down to celebrate Valentines day with the boys. Kale was very excited to see them and was even more thrilled when they showed up with ballons! We had lunch with them and then played for a few hours before they had to go back home. Kale was showing them his great T-ball skills with his new indoor t-ball game. He has quite the swing! Maks has not been feeling to well so he was enjoying the extra hands around so that he could always be held. He didn't enjoy nap time but grandma tackeled that task and finally got him to sleep after quite a fight from him!

This picture was taken before Kale laid down for his nap. He wanted to read so Grandma sat with him while he read to her and Maks. Maks enjoys listening to his brother, but his brother doesn't enjoy Maks when he wants to see the book for himself!!
Today I took Maks to the Dr. to see if my at home diagnosis of an ear infection was correct. And I was. He has had fluid on his ears for 4 months now but until recently it has not turned into an infection. The Dr. has recommend that we go and see an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) Dr. and hear about the option of tubes. I am not sure what we are going to do but we will have a consultation next week with the Dr. He is currently home with me today trying to get the first dose of meds in and hopefully a good nap in to help him recoup! The nap is not going well yet though! Hopefully he will give up soon! If someone offered me an afternoon nap I sure wouldn't fight it! :) Since he doesn't want to sleep in his crib or with me he is laying in his brothers bed talking to himself and listening to the radio! He likes the change in scenery I guess!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

We celebrated Valentines day on the 13th with Grandma and Grandpa Dreiling, Monica, Malea and Marisa. Everyone came over to our house for a few hours of playing! Kale loves to have Marisa over and tried teaching her to play basketball but it just turned into a game of tackle the person with the ball! They really enjoy playing with each other and do fairly well with sharing toys! Of course they have their moments but all in all they love playing together. Grandma and Grandpa Dreiling got them matching Blue Dragon jackets and hats for Valentines day. Marisa and Malea's jackets/hats are pink and Maks and Kale got blue ones. They are really cute in them but of course there are no pictures of the 4 of them together in them yet! That is a hard picture to capture!
While the big kids were busy running around Maks and Malea were busy trying to steal each other's pacifiers! Maks seemed to win that game but Malea could sure beat him up if she needed! They really enjoy sitting and checking each other out! I am sure they will be best friends soon just like their siblings are!

Maks (7 months) and Malea (6 months) are 6 weeks apart.
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Maks and Malea

This was taken at our house February 13, 2010.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Daycare

Well we have finally decided that it is time to change the boys daycare. We absolutly love our current daycare, but we are not big fans of the Director that has just recently started. Also the daycare that they attend is funded by the HS and they close during the summer and are facing lots of budget cuts! So we are afraid they will close after this year.

The new daycare that they boys will be going to is Abundant Life Child Care Center it is also located here in town. The daycare is run in a large Chruch. The rooms are very nice and they have access to the gym for days when they can not go outside. I am very impressed with their new director and her ability to manage such a large facility. When we toured prior to Kale starting daycare we were not pleased with their facility however it has really turned around. The boys will start their new daycare on the 22nd of this month. If we choose Kale can start attending preschool at their facility as well when he turns 3! We are hoping they adapt well and don't think we will have any problems but it is always makes you nervous until you make the change!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


He is getting to be such a big boy!
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Ohhh my it was cold out there this morning!!! I was listening to the radio this morning while I was getting around and the weather man said I should start my car extra early, he was sure right! It was so cold this morning! Kale was all bundled up in his coat this morning and I threw Maks under a blanket to get to the car! It was one of those mornings though cause when I got to daycare and took Maks inside I realized he only had one shoe on! Oops! It's probably in the driveway somewhere!

Erin wasn't home when we were getting ready this morning he was already half way to Manhattan when we were waking up. He had a meeting to be at by 7:30 AM so he was out of the house by 5 AM!

While I was getting Kale dressed this morning he said a cute thing to me. He looked down at my outfit (a long black skirt, dress boots, and a purple sweater) and said to me, "ooohhhh momma you have a dress on like a princess."! I couldn't help but smile!! He is sweet when he wants to be!!

Well there is really NOTHING going on at work right now, it is a very slow time, but we all know it is the calm before the storm! We will be swamped here in a few weeks when we start processing applications for the new year, but until then we sit and twiddle our thumbs! It is kinda nice to have a little break though, gives me a little extra time to work on homework!

School is going well. ONLY 3 more classes until I am officially done!! We just finished up Managerial Economics, yuck! I am very glad to be finished with that class. Next is Strategic Management, International Business, and I actually don't even remember what our last class is! I have started work on my final project but I have a LONG way to go before I can turn it in!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not sure the official name of this but it is a close up of a "wheat like" looking weed! Thought it turned out pretty well! I took this on 1-31-10 at Grandma and Grandpa Dreilings.
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Dreiling Family Slide Show! Compiled December 2010