Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garden 2011

This year we got our garden in a little earlier, it seemed like a great idea that the time cause the weather was so nice and the forecast for the next 10 days was looking great......but that all changed! It has stayed above freezing for the most part but in the past 2 days it has gotten before 32* so I guess we will see what ends up growing in a few weeks!

As I am typing this it is hailing outside! At least we got a little moisture!

In our garden we planted potatoes (2 rows), carrots (1 row) and peas (2 rows). Kale and Maks were great helpers while we were putting the seeds into the ground! Maks was great at getting the potatoes, he was quite the great planter!

Kale helped me dig a trench for the vegetables he got tired about half way down and tried to quit but I made him tough it out! :)

When I tried to till the garden under before planting I decided that my tiller was not going to work out! So off to Lowe's I went and this is the pretty new tiller I cam home with! I am very proud of my new Troy Built. It works great! The only way I finally talked Erin into letting me get it was promising to till up the yard and reseed it before summer! So that is my next upcoming project! I sure home the grass grows yell....I'm sure it will though cause we are using all natural AgGrand fertilizer on the grass along with the garden!

Well I will keep you updated on the growth of the garden as soon as we start to see some! Oh and I will let you know how the yard looks, too!

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