Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baskball and life.

Kale had another basketball game today, he is really starting to take to the sport!  Although I must mention he is still the first to volunteer at the end of the first quarter to sit out and let another teammate play! I like to call it good sportsmanship however, he would volunteer every quarter if  I would let him! ;)  He does very well when he is on the court.  It has taken him two sessions but he is now starting to understand how to rebound and race for the ball, as well as, keeping his hands up when on defense.  Today he made two baskets and had two assists, his best game so far!  I will be uploading videos shortly of the game today.  I believe one shows him making a basket and the other him dribbling down the court and then passing to his friend and teammate Jalen.  This was one of his assists but I turned the camcorder off just prior to Jalen making the shot!

This afternoon we are heading to Wichita as soon as Erin gets off work and everyone finishes their lunches.  We are meeting Josh to pick up something he bought for us on base and then we are going to have a fun family day in Wichita!

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