Sunday, January 1, 2012

Homemade Massage Bar (similar to LUSH Buffy bar)

This was my first try at a massage bar below is the actual amounts that I used and then below that are my suggestions on what you may think about and what I will try differently next time!

Lush Massage Bar Recipe

3 oz Shea Butter
2 oz Cocoa Butter
½ - 1 oz of the following:
      Ground Adzuki beans
      Ground rice
      Ground almonds
10-20 drops of essential oils (this just depends on your preference)

Mix together the Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter over LOW heat on the stove or in the microwave (using 10-15 second bursts) until blended completely.  If you haven’t already ground your almonds, beans and rice you should do so now (Note: when blending, grind the pieces to the size of YOUR preference).  After they are ground you will add the exfoliates to your butter mixture and stir in well.   

Next, add in your essential oils of choice.  In order to help the ground exfoliates stay in the middle of the mixture (as opposed to sinking to the bottom) you now need to put the entire mixture into the freezer.  Leave it in until the mixture turns an opaque color but do not leave it in too long or it will set entirely!  Remove from freezer and stir well so your ground elements are well mixed in.  Next spoon mixture into your molds making sure to bang them gently on the counter as you fill them to ensure all the air bubbles come out.  Last place the molds into the refrigerator until the bars have set, pop out of molds and enjoy!


Vanessa said...

Where did you get your butters and how much where they? Thank you! :)

Heather Sue said...

How do you use a massage bar? Thanks.

Tink said...

This has just made my day! Thank you for putting this up!

Denny said...

Thank you for this. I am curious to know what you would have done differently...

Stephanie Dreiling said...

Wow, I am really bad at responding to comments!!! So sorry! I got all my ingredients at the local health food store or Hobby Lobby!

I use the bars when getting a massage from the hubby, on dry feet at night (then cover with socks, or as lotion after the shower.

I would have used slightly less coco butter, they melted quickly. Also, I wouldn't cut up the ingredients once the bar melted they were scratchy!


Cute soap made for the starting LOVE IT!

Kelley Vaverka said...

I found my ingredients on Amazon for less money than in the stores. I purchased this product at Lush and use mine in the shower to exfoliate with. Thank you for posting this as I will be making my own from now on.

Chinelo Nnadiekwe said...


Rachael L Roberts said...

I am planning on making this at my daughter's 13th Birthday Party, we are having a girl's night & are going to make our own scrubs,lip gloss & other similar DIY's for her party in December. Right now she is still making up her mind on the other beauty & craft ideas she has in mind. I was wondering what kind of essential oils are there brands you prefer,that Stephanie Dreiling or anyone else who has made this can reccomend & let me know where I can buy them? I want to start buying the supplies ASAP in case I can't find what I need for the ones she wants to make so I can get what I need for another of her back up picks. Also what do you think of adding oatmeal in place of the cut up ingredients as well as sugar or salt like the different kinds that are added to scrubs?

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