Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st successful batch of salsa...ever!

Well the garden is not quite producing enough to can yet but I have bought some things at the farmer's market  so today I canned my first jar of salsa (literally one jar).  I have never successfully done this so it was quite an experience.  In order to help myself keep track of the website I am going to share it here I really liked the recipe I found/used.

 Here are the chopped veges before I put them in the processor.  Yellow and red bell peppers, green sweet banana peppers, celery, yellow and purple onions, cilantro (fresh), minced/roasted garlic and probably something else that I am forgetting!
 After the food processor! Cut them small but did it on pulse mode so I didn't end up with juice!

Put everything in the pan to simmer. Added the tomatoes (sorry no photos my hands were too messy to touch my phone)!  Added a big of tomato paste to thicken, vinegar and seasoning (used Ball salsa seasoning because that is good for Kale). Simmered for a bit and then put it in the jar!
  Almost made the perfect amount for my jar. Maybe an extra tomato or two and it would have been at the right place.  It is currently cooling in the fridge! I tried it before I put it in the jar and loved it but salsa is defiantly best cooled!

After successfully completing this I am very excited for the garden to start producing so I can get some canning done!

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