Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Fun!

Well summer is going well for us this year. We are having alot of fun spending time outside! Kale really enjoys the water and playing out side. Lastnight, we took Kale to the Salt City Splash (the public pool here in Hutchinson). After a long day at work for Erin and I, we decided it would be a nice way to relax for th evening! So off to the pool we went! Kale and Erin had a great time swiming in the big pool and watching all the other crazy kids splashing around. We have to watch him though cause Kale likes to try and drink the water! He is really good at kicking around when on his stomach, but he is not a fan of being on his back yet! He always trying to sit back up, he likes to see what is infront and all around him. By the time we were done swimming he was worn out and ready for bed! He laid around on the lounge chairs while we got his stuff together! It was a fun and exciting 40 minutes for him!

Here is a short video of Kale playing in the water fountains!

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