Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well this week we have had alot going on at our house. We are done with our portion of the basement and now the Drywall guys are there getting the walls hung. It is a big and messy project we are finding! While they are working in the basement we have had the air conditionar off to help keep the dust in the basement and not upstairs! Uhhhggg it really makes it hot and sticky upstairs though! While working in the basement I stepped on a nail and it went through the sole of my shoe and into the bottom of my foot. So, on Monday I had to go into the doctor and get a tetnis shot. Ouch! So now not only does my foot hurt, but my arm does too! Guess that is what I get for not watching where I walk! We hope to begin painting this weekend, but the drywall guys decided not to show up today so we are not sure the room will be ready for paint this weekend.

We have alot going on this month as far as birthdays and other personal events. Evan had a birthday on the 10th, along with Chastity. Chastity is my cousin who lives in Arkansas. She just had a new baby girl on the 2nd of this month, welcome Brooklynn Nicole Gillin! She is just beautiful. The 13th is my moms birthday, then the 15th is my sisters. My brother-in law also had a birthday this month. Then, of course, we have fathers day! Kale is very excited to celebrate that with his father, being it is their first one! The 17th of this month is my in-laws anniversary. So with all the presents and cards we are sending, the post office is loving us! Hopefully, if we are not painting, Erin, Kale and I will head down to Winfield to celebrate all the birthdays and Father's day with everyone.

Kale is doing well, still trying to get over his cough. He is really getting big and is ready to crawl any day now. He is great at getting up on his arms, but is still working on getting his knees underneath him. Right now, he is great at crawling backwards! So I am sure we are not far off! Still no teeth yet, but that is alright!

We got word from all our friends in Manhatten that they are all safe from the monsterous tornado the other day! Also spoke with my college roommate's family and found out their home in Chapman was spared from all the damage. They were very lucky. Hopefully these storms will start dying off soon and the threat for severe weather will end!

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