Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yesterday was the start of HutchFest 2008 however, today was the car show that Erin attended to help promote his Amsoil sales. He cleaned up the Pilot and loaded it up with all his products and materials. He arrived about 3 PM, and started speaking with people. Amsoil is Erin's at-home business that he is starting to work with. My dad has sold Amsoil for over 30years now and has gotten Erin interseted. It started out as a Synthetic Oil line, but now has evolved into vehicle oils and lubricants, car accessories, organic fertilizers, and even vitamins. It is a great business that has alot of great products.....check them out at .

Well anyway today was a great day for a car show but it sure was hot! Kale and I walked around for a few hours and checked everything out! Along with the car show there were rides, games and even a petting zoo! The petting zoo was his favorite part.....(even though I wouldn't let him touch the animals)! Afterwards we went back and sat with dad at the truck for a while. We ran into Marisa (Kale's cousin) who was walking around with Monica (her mom, Erin's sister) and Michael (her dad). All in all, we had a great time, but we had to come home and take a nap cause it was getting really hot!

Tomorrow, we are planning on going swimming so hopefully we will get more pictures up!

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