Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Thanksgiving plans never seem to stay consistent with our family! We had planned to head up to Topeka, and Frankfort this year for Thanksgiving but that all changed when Kale came down with the stomach virus that was going around! It started out with Kale’s Grandpa first then spread to Monica and next to Kale, after Kale got it then Michael and Jan both got it. I ended up with it last. Erin was the only one out of all of us that escaped without the nasty virus! Kale had it for a full week. I got rid of it after about 3 days but it really had us down! We were in close contact with Kale’s Dr. the entire (here and in KC) to ensure we followed all their directions in regards to his diet! We got blood work done for his as well during it all to ensure all his levels stayed in the range they need to. He fought through and ended up not having to be admitted to the hospital at all!

We ended up going to Monica and Michael’s house for Thanksgiving. Michael made the turkey, which was really great, and Monica and her mom made everything else. It was fun to have the kids together along with the family. Michael’s parents along with his niece and nephews came also, so there was a full house.

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