Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well Christmas this year is a long lasting holiday! Our first Christmas was on Christmas Eve with Erin’s parents, his sister and her family. We went up there shortly before noon in order to help make the meal before everyone arrived. Monica played with Marisa and Kale while I prepared all the foods that I was going to make for dinner. We had Turkey with apple rice stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, honey/applesauce glazed carrots (sounds much better than they turned out!!!), home-made rolls, and a 6 fruit crisp! It was a lot of work but I really enjoyed making it all! The food all turned out good for the most part, the rolls surprisingly turned out wonderful, along with the turkey, the stuffing inside however just wasn’t a taste many were fond of! The carrots were a disaster but we had plenty of other vege’s to cover for them! Ohhh ya we also had home-made creamed corn! The 6 fruit crisp was a great dessert, I will make that again I really enjoyed it! After my prep work was done and before we ate we let the kids open a few different presents. We then ate, and opened the rest of the presents. The kids started getting pretty tired so we packed up and headed home for the evening.
On Christmas morning we opened presents as a family (Erin, Kale, Skeeter(dog), Harley(dog) and I). We all woke up and ate breakfast and opened presents in our PJ’s. Erin and Kale both wore their footie pjs! It was really fun! Erin and Kale did very well with Christmas gifts this year, I got a new pair of diamond earrings!!!
After opening presents we went back up to Erin’s parents house to eat left overs from dinner the night before. We then went to visit Kale’s Great Grandma Fischer in Buhler. We sat with her for a bit and wished her a Merry Christmas. We headed back into town and played Wii with the Dreiling family before heading home to bed!
The day after Christmas we loaded up and headed to Topeka . We celebrated at Grandma Swansons that night. There was a great turnout of family this year for Christmas! Kale made friends with everyone, he especially loved to play with all his cousins and their toys! On that side of the family he has many young cousins. Henry is the closest in age being only 4 months younger than he is. Gracyn is exactly 1 year older. Kaitlyn and Cayden were also there, Kaitlyn is a few years older, and Cayden is almost 1 year older. They all got lots of toys that Kale was more than willing to play with when they were not looking!! Nicole, Josh, Evan and Paige also got to come with us to Frankfort, they enjoyed playing with Gabe and Cody and all their new games. Stacy was there with her husband, Linda got to come but her boyfriend got stuck working back in Emporia so he was unable to make it.
We got home late in the evening so we opened presents with Grandma and Grandpa Smith the next morning. Nicole, Josh, Evan and Paige also stayed at Mom and Dads so we had a full house! Kale enjoyed watching and helping everyone open their presents! Evan got a new set of mind bender games which turned out to be a trick for the entire family! Nicole got one apart that none of us were ever able to get back together! There was even one that none of us could figure out how to get apart! Guess it was a sign we didn’t need to! Paige loved her new clothes and Pj’s! Kale got a new tricycle that he really enjoys playing on….even though he can’t reach the pedals! We will see how that fits back in the car!

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