Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still in Topeka

After Christmas we stayed in Topeka for a few extra days before Kale’s appointment in KC on the 31st. We decided it would be easier to stay up here rather than to drive back and forth! Kale has really enjoyed playing with all his new Christmas toys this week, and also finding all sorts of new toys at Grandma and Grandpa’s house! He has really keep Grandma on her toes! He never stops running around the house, he loves to dig out all of grandpa’s hats and try to pull the dishes out of the island! Today Kale stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Erin and I drove to Lawrence. Erin is doing some work and I decided to ride along. To first store was interesting. I walked around inside to check out all the new additions! They had a sushi bar that I enjoyed watching for quite a while! The man was making fresh sushi rolls, kinda fun to watch! I think he thought I was strange for watching him so long though! O well! We are now sitting at the second store. Erin has a Construction meeting at this store. So I am waiting in the car working on updating the blog!!!

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Jan said...

I hope you can gather up the amount of time we spent driving to the stores. Just so we could have family time. I made the kids think they where having lots of fun, when it really wasn't.

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