Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day at G-ma/pa Dreiling's House

Today we took the boys up to Grandma and Grandpa Dreiling's house to color eggs with Marisa and Malea. Grandma bought 10 dozen eggs and hard boiled them before the kids got to the house. She had stamps, makers and paint for the kids to decorate the eggs however they wanted. Kale and Marisa had a great time coloring themselves and the eggs! Maks decided about 1/2 way through that it looked fun, so he crawled right over and started helping! He got quite a kick out of the eggs!

When the kids were done they got to run around and play with all the new outdoor toys that they got. Marisa and Malea got a new wagon. So they had a great time being pulled up and down the driveway by Monica and Uncle Erin. Kale got a new Spiderman helmet and scooter. We decided it was time to buy him his own, since every day when we come home he runs next doors and steals the neighbors! :) Luckily they leave it out for us to play with!

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