Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is COMING!

Well it has been longer since my last post than I had hoped but life has been crazy around our house the last few weeks. Just when I thought we may get out of winter with out any more major sickness! Maks got tubes in his ears on the 1st of March. Soon after the surgery he began to cough, at first we thought it was just the extra drainage coming from his ears, but soon realized it was lasting longer than expected. We ended up taking him back into the Dr. this past Tuesday, although it was not RSV she suspected it may become it if he didn't start to get better soon. The Dr. put him on a round of Steroids but since he has only began to get worse. He is currently back in the Dr.'s office with Erin, I just got a call back and Maks has a sinus infection, so they have given him a antibiotic, so hopefully he will be feeling better soon!

Along with Maks being sick, Kale also came down with the stomach flu. He seems to be doing better now but isn't quite 100% yet. Hopefully by the end of weekend he will be back up and running at full speed!

Not to mention both boys were sick, Erin was also out of town. Erin was called by Kroger to come and interview for a position in Cincinnati. It has been quite an experience for both him and I! They called him a few weeks ago and asked him to come out and interview for the position but he couldn't fly right out because he wanted to be in town for Maks surgery, then they wanted to wait and additional week to save a little on airfare. He flew out Sunday afternoon, and back home late Monday night. His interview went well and now we are just waiting on their decision. It has been quite a learning experience for us to consider moving our family that far away. We had no idea of all the variables that we need to consider, and maybe we are still missing a few!! We will keep everyone updated as soon as or if an offer is made.

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