Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Garden

This year I decided to plant a garden! Kale really enjoyed helping me plant flowers in the front yard, so I decided that it would be a good year to try and grow a few things with him in a garden. This turned out to be quite a project since we have never had a garden at our house! Since we are not going to put up the pool this year I thought I would just till up the dirt where the pool has sat in the past years. This is that part that turned out to be MUCH harder than I had planned! Last year I bought a small 31cc tiller to use in a small flower garden that I made, turns out this is not something that is useful when trying to till up a portion of your yard for the first time! After getting around the edge of my 16' x 16' area a few times the tiller overheated and stopped working! I ended up going next door and getting the neighbors 5 HP tiller to finish the job! Oofff What a difference! It sure got the job done, but it was quite a workout! Once I finally got the ground ready for planting Kale and I were excited to put in the first few plants! We got them out there and Erin and Kale put up a fence around the edge (hoping to keep the dogs out).

This was Maks contribution to the garden!

So far we had Cabbage, Spinach, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Lettuce. We will see how everything turns out in a few months!(this picture was taken before I had everything planted)

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