Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tanganyika Egg Hunt 2010

Today we decided that we would take the boys to the Wildlife park in Goddard, Tanganyika. They had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids then they could walk through the zoo as well. Kale has never really done a big hunt like that before. It was quite an experience for both of us. There were hundreds of kids and parents (he was in the 1-3 age group). When they said go he was pretty overwhelmed with all the charging kids (as I was as well), but after a few min he started to figure out what he was doing and really embrace the hunt! He ended up getting a good amount of eggs. In the eggs had little prizes they kids could go and claim. Kale won a Dinosaur mask, he loves to wear it around now! After the hunt we walked around to see all the animals. Kale loves the giraffes but they were not cooperating with us, so he didn't get to feed them. The Lorikeet's were great fun. We got to go in a feed them. Kale was a little nervous when they were all over him, but he did a great job.

We also had a great time riding the camel! We have been trying to get Kale to ride the camels with me for years now and he finally decided today was the day. So mom and Kale rode Charlie the camel! It was a lot fun!

All in all it was a great day, we really enjoy having Tanganyika so close to our home, it is a little more expensive but for the amount of interaction the kids get it's totally worth it! Maks even had fun feeding the birds and petting the animals!

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