Saturday, April 17, 2010

This past week has been very busy for me at work! I am glad the work is picking up though, it makes my days go a lot faster!

Erin has been staying busy with work as well. He has be traveling a little to nearby cities but no major out of town travel lately. He is still enjoying his job and his co-workers! For those of you that heard he did apply for a job in Cincinnati recently, however, he was not offered the position.

Yesterday Kale was sent home from daycare with a fever, we were hoping he wasn't catching something that would keep him down all weekend. Today he seemed to be doing much better. His fever came back this morning but he was good as new with a dose of Tylenol. He didn't want any more medicine this afternoon and his fever didn't seem to come back so hopefully he will stay well!

Today was the Grand Re-Opening of Prairie Hills Nursery so we went there to look around and eat lunch. Erin is currently trying to sign them up as Amsoil Dealers so they can sell the AgGrand in the Nursery (and possibly use it) so we thought it would be nice to go their celebration today. Kale really like the trees, flowers, and the fountain of course!

This afternoon we spent most of the day outside in the yard. We pulled weeds, planted tomatoes and peppers in our garden, and also tore out an old fence and replaced it with a new one on the west side of the garage. It looks much better now! I will try and remember to get a picture posted!

The neighbors were outside with us today for part of the time as well. Kale enjoys playing with them and they enjoy coming over and playing on our swing set as well. The favorite thing that Kale likes to do right now is jump on the trampoline with the kids. Here is a clip of his (more wrestling with Bryson than jumping but still cute)!

This evening we were going to take Kale with Bryson, Brody, Emily, Jon, Steph and Mike to Jumpin' Jays here in town and let them play on the inflatable toys but of course the one night we choose to go there they closed early! So Kale and I decided to go to the park and hang out for a little while by ourselves. He had a great time playing and climbing on all the toys!

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