Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Kansas State Fair

Well today is the last day of the Kansas State Fair. I can't say I am too upset about that cause it seems every year that place gets more and more expensive! It is kinda nice to have somewhere so close to be able to go and walk around and let the kids see something new but we are suckers for the terribly unhealthy food and random items that we could probably live without! O well it's only 10 days a year!

Kale was in the HutchNews today. He got his picture taken while he was eating a Pronto Pup (aka a corn dog) and watching the pigs. I am trying to find the link to the online edition but haven't been successful yet so as soon as I do I will post the link.

We got up this morning and went down the big yellow slide with both boys. It is a lot of fun but it is sure tiring climbing all those stairs while carrying the boys!

Lastnight we ran into a few friends and Kale got to ride rides with his friend Kayla. They are the same age and have a lot of fun together. I will also post those pictures soon. We took Maks on the carousel lastnight with the big kids but he wasn't quite as thrilled with it as they were! Luckily I was close to the bench so he let me go and sit down with him to finish out the ride!

We got a few Christmas presents out of the way at the fair this year also! I am just hoping I can keep track of the items for the next few months! ;)

Well hopefully I can get some extra cleaning down around the house today and then get out my Halloween decorations out! I can't believe that Halloween is right around the corner! We are not sure what the boys are going to be yet this year. We were hoping that we could find them costumes to be Buzz Lightyear (Kale) and Woody (Maks) but Kale isn't sure that is what he wants to be....actually Kale is very sure that he wants to be a Firetruck Driver! He was a fire man last year so we were hoping he was going to buy into the Buzz and Woody costumes however it is not looking like that is going to workout! Only time will tell! s

Well better get back to cleaning the house! If I get it done then I will get pictures uploaded as soon as possible!

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