Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fair, Fun, and Finals

Well, I am finally done with school! WHOO HOOO! On September 11th, 2010 I presented my paper and submitted my final copy! I am very happy to be done and not have to stress about it anymore! Not sure where it will take me but now I have met the requirements for my MBA from Friends University.

Starting on September 10th, the Kansas State Fair is in town. We went for a few min on the first night because Kale saw it and wanted to go really bad. He loves the fair! Grandma Dreiling bought him some new boots (she got Maks a pair also). So on Monday when we went the boys wore their cowboy outfits to match their cousins Marisa and Malea. Kale got a new cowboy hat and lasso at the fair. He is quite the little cowboy!Here is a picture of Kale posing outside of the stand he got his cowboy hat at. Inside they had county music playing and Kale was dancing around like a cowboy. He loved it! His jeans are even true Wranglers!

Erin is still up in the air about his job, we are trying to stay positive but it is very difficult to go for so long without having an answer. Hopefully, he will hear something soon!

Maks is growing up so fast! He is really keeping us on our feet! Maks is more of a climber that Kale ever was! He also loves to unplug everything he can find. We always end up searching for a cell phone charges because he unplugs them and run away, and forget about trying to vacuum when he is around! He wasn't talking much but in the past few weeks he has started to talk much more. It seems as soon as Kale started at his new preschool and Maks was alone at daycare he just bloomed. He is now saying close to 10 words. Today he said Baby for the first time. We love watching him grow, learn and interact with his big brother!

Well gotta get back to work around the house! Pictures and videos to come soon!

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