Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's almost October!!!

Wow this month has flown by! I can't believe it is almost October! I have been saying for 2 weeks it's time to get out the fall/Halloween decorations but not one has made it to my walls!

I've been staying busy this week. On the 23rd I applied for a new job on campus. I was actually offered it the same day! I decided to accept the job and starting on the 27th I have been working both. The position that I accepted is the instructor of Adult Basic Education/GED here at HCC. It is a part-time position. My new hours will be Monday-Thursday 12:30-4:30 PM and on Monday-Wednesday nights form 5:30-9:30 PM. I will be teaching Math 1 and Language Arts 1. In the past two nights that I have been training I have already been very happy with my deicision to change job pathes. It is a new and exciting path for me and I can't wait to see what the future will bring. I know that many people dont' understand the change but I am happy with my deicision.

Kale has been doing great as usually at school. He was having a small problem with spitting at kids but seems to be doing better now. After he figured out that his teachers were telling us about it he straightend up real quit! ;) He is learning more and more everyday. He loves to sing and is always looking for letters in his everyday life. He finds them in places that we would never think! On the tile of bathroom floors, drains, walls, trees (circles or "o's", or "L's" on crooked branches).

Kale and Maks are very loving brothers as well. They love spending time together and like to include each other at home when they read or play games. Every morning they like to give each other a hug and a kiss before going their separate ways to school.

Maks is still going to Miss Debbie's for daycare and seems to be loving it! She is fantastic at working with him and teaching him new things. He is going to be talking up a strom in no time. He is trying to say more and more words everyday. He is also learning to dance and sing (scream) at daycare! :) Maks is still our little eater he is never full. I can't figure out anything to keep him fed! He can eat anytime day or night!

This past weekend Erin and I had Corporate Cup. He was the captain of his Dillon's team and I was on the Board and also a member on our HCC team. It sure kept us busy for the weekend. Events started on Friday and went through Sunday. We were in events such as Dodgeball, Raft Relay, Swim, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Horseshoes, Obstacle Course, Football Relay, and Tug-of-War. After the long weekend we were both very worn out and sore! My battle wounds from hours and hours of Volleyball are fading and Erin is recoving from his events. He suprised everyone with his ability to run very fast sprints in his football relay. He didn't shine however in the raft relay! ;) That was a funny event for his team! Tug seemed to be HCC's worst event. When they blew the horn for us to get started only half our team was holding onto the rope! We all went flying it was pretty ugly! As a member of the board I was incharge of all of the scoring and it was a huge repsonsiblity! They old scoring system wasn't working correctly so I had to improvise on the spot, it all turned out ok but it was stressful at the time!

Kale and Maks got to spend a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa during the weekend. They had fun playing and coming to some of the events. Kale had a funny moment when Erin told him they were going to go and watch horseshoes....Kale has never seem them before so he was excited to see the horses put on their shoes so they could run fast! LOL!

Well not much else right now! XOXO

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